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GTA 5 release on 17 September 2013!

First Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox 360 and the Sony PS3 at the same time appears. The PC version is expected later, she has not yet been announced by Rockstar Games.

GTA V Release Date

GTA 5 Release Date Update 32: There are a lot of new information about Rockstar Grand Theft Auto 5 In the following article we have together gesture represents you, what 5 will all be possible in GTA!

Grand Theft Auto 5 News 31: 3 Characters 3 - 3 Trailer: Rockstar has just released three new trailer of Grand Theft Auto V. "The" trailer is divided into three trailers, each a character is presented. This makes hell of a lot like the game:

At the moment, however, the server of Rockstar seem to strike at the huge rush. Lad the page so please again if the videos do not appear in a few minutes again. Alternatively you can try it on the Rockstar page. Once there, the trailer on Youtube, we post it here. trailer for GTA 5 All you find here.

GTA V Release Update 30: And even hotter, for all the real fans, we have found 45 minute long documentary about Grand Theft Auto.

GTA 5 Release Update 29: And there's something new from Rockstar, which allows us to pass the time: A game video from GTA 5, the Scientology sect takes on the arm and advertises the fictional "KIFFLOM". See horny, finally we get even a taste of GTA 5:

GTA 5 Release Date Update 28: And there's something to pass time until GTA 5 comes out: New screenshots and new GTA 5 wallpapers for download.

GTA V Wallpapers

GTA V Wallpapers

GTA V Wallpapers

GTA V Wallpapers

GTA V Wallpapers

When will GTA V - Update 27: For all who are at the moment is just as boring as us, here is a 3D map of Los Santos, which has created a fan of the info that you could pull out of the trailer videos.

GTA 5 Release Date Update 26: It's finally here, the official release date for GTA 5 is fixed at least for consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360:

Unfortunately, the game is only on 17 September 2013 appear. Rockstar Games already apologized to the fans. Now there is finally clarity, not as desirable. A PC version remains open.

This are some information for those who buy GTA 5 for Xbox 360 want. And of course we let those of you who buy GTA 5 for the PS3 want, not sizten in the rain. At the moment there is nothing really new from Rockstar - but we've got a few remakes of the GTA 5 trailer picked out with whom you kannnst distribute your time. Very cool: The replayed GTA 5 Trailer GTA 4 and GTA San Andreas - here you can see very well how the graphics have evolved over time.

GTA V Release Update 25: Many of you are anxious just whether a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V will appear - and although there is nothing new to Rockstar, Dixons, Amazon and Co. now offers the possibility to GTA 5 PC preorder. We now interpret time as a good sign

When is GTA 5 out? Update 24: There are a lot of new screenshots of GTA 5 - All three heroes, fighter jets, quads, cars, babes, and more. Rockstar Games has just released 60 new GTA 5 pictures - here you can look at it.

GTA V Trailer: Art in Motion - Cool Animated

Grand Theft Auto V Update 23: There are new screenshots from Rockstar , which give hope for a great adventure: diving with giant sharks, U-boating, cruising with the best friend through the city or intercepted by fighter jet airliners - will find all new screenshots her at our GTA 5 images.

Grand Theft Auto V Update

GTA 5 Release 22 Update: A new screenshot has surfaced eye. To its authenticity entwine some rumors: There should be a screenshot that has not been publicly confirmed PC version of GTA V.
Published originally by the screenshot was a Hungarian game magazine. He is the protagonist Trevor on the run from the police. The image looks not very sharp and is not identical with the quality of previously published images. It also recognizes it an SUV - so far has also not yet been announced that there will be SUVs in the game, so another clue.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Release Update 21: The French Amazon website lists the 19 June 5 as a possible release date for GTA Whether it really take so long or if we perhaps to the Game of the Year in 2013 to play a little earlier we know unfortunately until Rockstar Games will publish the official release date. If you want you can add you to our GTA 5 Wake up and we tell you humble when there are new from Rockstar themselves.

GTA million players worried about the PC version of Grand Theft Auto 5! If they can come or Rockstar, the game exclusively for the Xbox 360 and Sony's Playstation 3 be released? So far, no one knows - and therefore an online petition has been launched , which requires a PC version of GTA fifth Join if you GTA 5 pc is important!

GTA V Update 20: There's a new trailer where you can see the new Charaktäre in action! Enjoy the show:

Grand Theft Auto 5 Release Update 19: There were a lot of new details about Grand Theft Auto V in the U.S. magazine "Game Informer" known. We have summarized all the important details in an article in which we'll include the three main characters, the story , the gameplay and plot information. The "Game Informer" magazine is available in Germany only with great difficulty - if you want to read it anyway, you should check on this page, drop by. PDF you can find the cover story of Game Informer here . But Shhh - do not tell!

GTA 5 release date finally known: Rockstar Games has finally officially announced Grand Theft Auto 5 coming next year in the spring, probably in March 2013. This time it is no longer a rumor, because Rockstar Games has officially it announced on her blog!

Ok, this is still not a real release date, so no exact date - but at least we can finally pre-order (according to Rockstar from November 5) , next spring flickers GTA 5 on our screen.

For German gamers there is the game for Xbox 360 and PS3 already - with most stores Delivery is free of charge and if the price goes down, good shops, of course, to fit him for pre-order.

If GTA expect coming against expensive on the market, getting all pre-order the game now of course the stated price.

Whether GTA 5 will be released in Germany in a blood-free version is still not completely out, but quite likely. If you want to play it safe, you can GTA 5 UNCUT  now in Pre Gamesonly in Austria.

Finally really good news for all Grand Theft Auto fans! If that is to look forward to 2013 no reason. :)
We will wba our first copy of Grand Theft Auto 5th Finally.

GTA 5 Release News 18: Andy McNamara, editor in chief of the American games magazine Game Informer just tweeting that he is invited by Rockstar to pick up new information about GTA fifth In December, the magazine comes out, we are excited!

GTA V Release Date Update 17: Cool to see but unfortunately Fake: In recent days, a video for the attention has ensured that the GTA will show 5 gameplay - looks pretty good, but is no original video of GTA 5 but a fake.

GTA 5 Gameplay Video

To bridge the waiting time and reminisce about times we have you ALL THE TRAILER GTA THERE EVER WAS excavated. GTA 1 to 5 and all episodes (please correct us if we forgot which one). Watch a lot of fun and memories drown out nice and slow while it is cold and wet.

GTA 5 release date Upate 16: The latest message is that there is nothing new. Many had hoped that Take Two Interactive announce the release date of the Action-Kracher's GTA 5 at its investor conference - but Nope, unfortunately there is still nothing really new to the GTA 5 release. So you can pretty safely assume that GTA 5 will appear in 2013.

Even if you have not tired of constantly new rumors of GTA V but only want to know the release date as soon as possible when it comes out - you meld easy for our GTA release alarm clock in the sidebar.
Grand Theft Auto Release Update 15: Finally some news from Rockstar! There are new screenshots of GTA 5 - a total of three pieces, one shows a fighter jet, the second a black cheetah-speed cars burnout and the third picture shows a cyclist in the desert sand. Here you find all GTA 5 pictures that have been released by Rockstar.

GTA 5 Release 14 Update: Appears GTA V in November? And again, the financial analyst Michael Pachter predicts further that Rockstar at Gamescom the release of GTA 5 will announce in November. Whether that's true, we'll soon find out.

GTA V Release Update 13: Recent media reports might notice a release by Rockstar Games at the Tokyo Game Show 2012 held in September. While it may once again rumors, but a launch in October of this year thus remains realistic and would provide just in time for Christmas for massive revenue.

GTA 5 release date update 12 is announced that the GTA 5 release at Gamescom, has now been officially denied. That a section of the GTA 5 trailer was shown at Gamescom video that was a mistake. So it looks more like it, as would be 5 Release Date in 2013 the GTA.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Release Update 11: There is (a little) something new to the release date of GTA 5: In a Q & A Rockstar answered a few pressing questions about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 . There will be no beta testing of the game. If you should receive such an invitation yet, it is, according to Rockstar to a phishing attempt. Also, the release date is not known if premature - what should always tell us that. Nice and slow but condense the information that GTA V appears only in 2013 ... man, waiting for sooo long ... But at least there are two new pictures of GTA 5 to make the Vorfreute something bigger.

GTA V Release Update 10: In a trailer for Gamescom 2012 are shown scenes from GTA fifth Are we there to receive news release, or similar to the story here or were simply cut together scenes from the latest games without deeper background? All the major gaming magazines oracles like crazy, whether new at Gamescom will be seen to GTA 5 - we are left now. Just because a graphic designer has packed a section of Grand Theft Auto V in the Gamescom trailer, it does not for a long time that it is also present there. That's all we know at the earliest at 15.8 - since opening the show and the latest on 19.8 - there ends the Gamescom. Stay Tuned GTA fans.

GTA 5 Release Update 9: At E3, contrary to expectations, there was no news and no new trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5.

Release Update 8: An online shop in Austria has the release date of GTA V dated 23.10.2012. All games magazines are completely over the moon about it - we'd rather wait times down, nice and slow the theater to the release date of GTA 5 is really ridiculous. But it does not mean yes, we have not informed you
Grand Theft Auto V Release Date Update 7: Once again the rumors that GTA 5 is still coming out this year. A member of the Xbox support had to be carried away on Twitter, the release of GTA 5 to be confirmed for this year. Now is rumored to whether the employee has confidential information that he has accidentally divulged - or whether it is only an error of about motivated employees. That the post has since been deleted without explanation, of course, can still pay more conspiracy theories.

GTA V Release Update 6: And again gibts something new to the release date of GTA 5: Amazon UK's December 2012 as the publication period of Grand Theft Auto 5th And Amazon should know eventually - after the online retailer will sell an estimated million copies of the open world action game of the year. Even though Rockstar still keeps a low profile, evidence now that GTA 5 will definitely condense out this year. Hopefully before the 21:12 - For since the world should perish.

GTA Release Update 5: The financial analyst Michael Pachter predicts that GTA 5 be released on 23.10.2012. According to his theory Rockstar will announce the launch of GTA 5 a day before E3, so 5 is the topic of conversation will be absolutely at the show the new trailer and the launch of GTA. Interesting approach - but obs is true remains to be seen if Rockstar finally rausrückt times with new facts. Whether that will be the case on June 4 - we remain excited.

Grand Theft Auto Release Update 4: The rumors mounting that Rockstar announced the final release date of GTA 5 coming to E3. Rockstar itself has for E3 2012 promised a few "great announcements" - perhaps so there will be seen a first playable version or new trailer. But most of the release date is of course expected.
E3 takes place in June, 2012, when there is something new we tell you know.
GTA 5 Release Update 3: According to the gaming site "Joystiq" a character animator at Rockstar North has inadvertently blabbed on his CV the release date of GTA fifth According to the message now back away GTA 5 is now in October 2012 - will appear in time for the holiday shopping season. Rockstar themselves unfortunately there is still no official news, so we can continue to wonder whether we have GTA 5 this year under the tree are
Grand Theft Auto V Release Update 2: The latest buzz is that we no longer allowed to play GTA 5 in 2012 - allegedly is in the Christmas season 2012, the competition from other big games. But as with the rumors is just as you can not really believe it. Rockstar Games is keeping quiet - and as long as nothing has been officially announced, we do not give up hope, to be allowed to gamble GTA 5 this year
GTA V Release Date Update : As it stands right now, the release date for the Spring Summer 2012 is scheduled. Probably GTA 5 comes out first for XBox and PS3, to the PC version will follow a few months later.
As soon as we know something more precise, you will read it here.

When GTA V comes out?

The question is to read at the moment in all the forums. Rockstar Games has just denied as the April 2012 release date for GTA V.

Here you can find out the release date of GTA V first - as soon as Rockstar announces to him. Until then, we supply you with fresh updates from the rumor mill. On this page we report on all the news about the GTA 5 release date - stick with it or simply mail your contribution to our GTA 5 Wake up right in the Sidebar.

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