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Grid 2 - Give the world something they still needed?

What can Codemasters is ride. That is beyond question. Grid 2 does not look for realism, but it squints at him. This point is one of the last great Forza Horizon. The driving behavior of American, Japanese and European sports supercars to not compete with Gran Turismo or even iRacing. It feels of physics here, the load changes while driving, speeding close enough, but like always exaggerates a little in order to enhance the visual appeal. Because there is nothing wrong. Well, almost nothing. Virtually all cars remember the equally sensitive Shift 2 They cut you up times, even though you have just tapped the steering wheel and it takes a little getting used to in order to have fun.

Grid 2 Relesae Date

But that goes without problems. Just a little more cautious on the stick, it falls on the steering wheel not even quite so much on. Good thing, because the driving aids have dissolved into pleasure, instead called the little custom results ado 'True Feel' and found it good. What Codemasters also not wrong. There are five levels of difficulty for the AI ​​and the choice of whether the damage is to have an impact or not. Brake Assist or similar things from the modern world of auto advertising are only permanently installed, because that in some of my maneuver, the ESP and a few other systems gave everything for me is out of the question. But as I said, the show is in Grid 2 as important as the realism. They always fight with each other a little, but always some time to yourselves a good time on the slopes easy to bring. And if something fails everything is still not over till. As in the previous, you have the option to use a defined number of the level of difficulty Rückspulern. So you do not have to restart a whole race because of a woody curve.

All just for show? No, but it is one of them.

Drifting is back again as an integral part of it. Logically, why else would you bring with Japanese cars? Some drift race impressively show how well the engine dominates this halbseitliche driving direction. Sometimes it almost seems easier to throw through three switchbacks to the millimeter, as this route just to drive conservatively. Despite Codemasters' 1000Hz elaborate physics engine is not very realistic, but it should not be, as long as the show does. What it does.

Grid 2 Gameplay

Grid 2 Gameplay

It sure helps with this is that Codemasters was the look in the same direction. As in real life, only better. Or at least with color filters, Lichtspielchen and polish. I have driven a couple of times through Paris, the city did not even look on a perfect summer day. The light works in our world, just different. The Grid 2, it is only there to give you a constant feeling promotional video, just a perfect day on a slope.

The lack of cockpit view in this exhibition is in itself not even the big problem. It would be nice to have the option, but if the other prospects are good, then I can get over it. Unfortunately, they are not. The bumper view is so deep that it is useless for chases with very small distances. You see nothing but the rear of the vehicle ahead, vorbeizuschielen itself on the side is impossible and it is only good until the next curve. The next is the hood view that eats the bottom third of the screen. Does not look good, does not feel good. It's a little as if you would have always worked in a normal car, the sun visor down, only the other way around. The outside views are ok, but since Daytona USA I must have eventually forgotten how to drive it properly. So I have effectively no view which I really like, it lacks an intermediate step on the bumper that sits just a little higher. After a few hours, I had made friends with the perspective of a dachshund in the world. Then it was also good. But it never felt perfect.

Please do not be hip!

Nevertheless, on the slopes I have the least problems with Grid 2 and here I would not even against a great compromise with Forza just executed except want to Horizon. It feels different, a little more direct and sensitive, but not worse. I like both. But what I can not stand in Grid 2, is the career mode.

He is not a bad set up. You start as a driver for a newly founded racing world, which is to cover the U.S., Japan and Europe. Street racing, drifting and high-performance racing in one package. From the dirty garage to her increases with time in the Olympus of great achievements with all the luxuries that pertains to it. The teammates there is no more, but you get yourself ran sponsors, manages a little resources and it is about what you'd expect. With a few exceptions.

Grid 2 Gameplay

Grid 2 Gameplay

Once I had a little advice to all developers who deal with this genre: Please let me cancel your mood videos! They do not interest me. No piece. I want to drive. Not just watch a bad story that's not even really a. The Legend of the staged here fremdschämhaft Youtube / Facebook / Twitter success is to die a boring set up and contrived, on the other hand, it is absolutely uncool as long as it does not happen in the real world. "Hey I have a million viewers on Youtube!" "Oh, cool, what's your channel?" "Uh, no, that's in this racing game, as has my driver ..." "Whatever."

Well, that's out of the way, it gets better. To the extent that I had to live with for far too long for me unfit choice of vehicles. The game turns you free the car as it sees fit, ie depending on which races are pending. At the beginning of this time are now muscle cars of the lower segment and inexpensive Japanese racer. Two groups that do not belong to my favorites, but that's my problem. The general problem is rather because the obscurity of the currency. Actually there is no such right, figuratively, it is just the number of fans who hochtickert more or less after each race depending on the success - of course not be canceled. With them everything is unlocked, but it is always a bit vague, where the boundaries are. Also, it is more satisfying for me at least to buy the cars I want, instead of from time to time to unlock one and wait for the event that I finally offering my desire car. Also applies in the game that nothing feels as good as the first self-bought Koenigsegg (Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini are missing). Not that I know much about it.

Grid 2 Screenshots

The structure of the career may not be the perfect grip, but it looks to you the free options, it is shown that the substance was in it just well hidden. You will be a judgment because without a doubt. Too bad that you are here from the start, though all routes Dared and select all the game modes you free, but you can not say the same of the cars. Here you are limited to the few free Switched plus one each from the higher groups. So you forcing Grid 2 but then in the career, although this mode actually has everything that makes the game good. The only really new mode in addition to classic races, elimination rounds or duels are the live routes.

Grid 2 Screenshots

Courses in the city here, the path is always re-roll the die and each round is a little different. It illustrates for a good, how many ways Codemasters donated to various cities, and until you have seen and driven everything takes a long time. However, this is better invested in the regular courses also available. Because I'm not sure if you like it that hard 120-degree curves appear without warning, because the game decides it's different this time around. No arrows, no mini-map, no warning. That's not entirely fair, it was easy for yourself, because only in this mode, the AI ​​is not of the non-imaging side.

In the rest of the game, the driver of the computer are merciless. Almost a little too much, because often by violent shoves my car took more damage than from anything else I was doing to him. But at least this is one of the few games where you can pay it back without disadvantages in the same coin. Pushes you back, you will not be penalized with excessive Ausbremsereien or similar. It pays though rarely, but it's always good to have the option.

Strong multiplayer without a story, but with split-screen. Good exchange!

The multiplayer is certainly a very strong side from grid 2, since the enabling of designs and extras understand is far better than in the whole solo mode. How well the system is looking for suitable players to work, read not yet been conclusively determined. Actually, you should, on the basis of whether their charges much or not, come with matching people to the slopes. But I found myself as a sheet-slob mostly with drivers that it certainly felt very disturbed. But that could be due to the still small number of drivers who will now put in the days after the release safely.

Grid 2 Multiplayer

Put much emphasis on variety Codemasters with a lot of regularly changing challenges, the leaderboards are also aware not meant for eternity. So you have as of now not even the best drivers in the world a chance to stand on a podium above. Freely definable race, cups and many more result in a far more structured and more focused mainly pleasure than anything in solo mode. Finally, a little goodie that know all of you appreciate a couch colleagues: There is a split screen and it runs smooth and chic.

Grid 2 is a lot of really, even if I have in any racing game career-show-ballast and its braking, complicated structure as disturbed as here. On the runway in the middle between realism, action and fun is made exactly. The ride is perfect for breakneck maneuvers that duels with the AI ​​move virtually always self-imposed limit of well graded levels of difficulty. The not new idea of ​​changing Live Routes - Porsche Challenge - can be ignored in favor of all the good routes and modes. The latest in the well-structured and varied multiplayer it does not matter so much more. 
So why can not really inspire you? The staging of the colors and the light on the slopes succeeded, but Forza Horizon can do better. Whose freedoms beyond here is not worse round courses, however, show that the bulky corset, in the Grid 2 wedges its strengths, is more elegant to handle. Despite all his Youtube pandering in senseless story frame grid acts like a 2 bit out of time. Mainly because it is in this aspect since his predecessor placed far more proper not really developed. At that time, the generation was young, now have to ask themselves grid 2, where is his place between games like Shift 2, Forza, Most Wanted, Hot Pursuit, Gran Turismo, iRacing and more. It is a superbly appointed box for every type of player. The niches have become small. The consistently high quality of grid 2, which runs through the game as a red thread is now expected. Call to the currency 'youtube fans' does not make it extraordinary. And this extraordinary is what it is most lacking.

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