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Game Dev Tycoon Test and Review

There are tests that simply do not make fun. How I would now be living high Tycoon Game Dev, the first work of two unknown. I would love to write that it not only made speeches through an innovative copy of itself, but that is also behind the tip of the season. Even if it is stolen to 87.6 percent. As for her biting sarcasm copiers over again can seem strange.

Do two things but in this really and honestly felt desire a spanner in the works. For one, it is really no debate and a direct, sometimes very brazen clone of the by now classic Mobile Game Dev Story and some other things work as they are intended here, just not as correct. The first one I can forgive, even if I was not sure Kairosoft will do it. Either way, on the desktop there is no Game Dev Story and I take none of it really crooked.

Game Dev Tycoon
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Writes games. Sold it. That's all. Enough too!

Your task is simple. Writes games and sells them! The process is absolutely simple and will initially only gradually more complex. Choose a platform - at the beginning there is a PC and a C64-inspired home computer as a selection - a topic - Sci-Fi, Sport, medieval and more - a genre and we go. In three stages of development, which stretches tightly over about three months game, you choose from the details. Any time you have three knobs that want to put their priorities. Graphics, sound and game world, but rather for more dialogues and a worse AI and so on. During development, then fly points on design and technology, the two values, somehow define the quality of the game. The "somehow" is the big problem, but more on that later.

The last bug fixes, which also sail as high points, the game is released and the ratings of the magazines judge victory or defeat, bestseller or Dümpel-goods. And on to the next round. Gradually, life becomes more complex, by exploring their new techniques. This goes beyond research points that you accumulated during each development. Explores new graphics engine, sound features, multiple ends, multiplayer, full-motion video, and, and, and. Pretty much everything that took place in the last 30 years as game mechanics its way into this medium, you are allowed to bring in your title.

f course a guy in the garage can not lift it, so grows with the success of the office and the team, which means more running costs, but also that you can distribute the work. Upgraded so it goes to the medium to large projects in which your people deliberately transmits its tasks. It is the path from the garage to the large studio for the AAA projects.

Feedback is not optional in the development.

This part is surprisingly complex and varied. You may even produce for large publishers that give you certain requirements, such as what platform or what genre it should be, and especially the score that you would expect in the ratings. This partially idiotic rules - a business action game on the Game Boy, which is to have a night on average? - To fulfill, is both challenging and entertaining at the same time. All of this is multi-faceted as the model Game Dev Story, it leaves much to be differentiated. The need to develop new engines for new features is a sensible idea, but in the end brings it all that much.

Tycoon Game Dev simply does not talk with you. You produce a game, how do you think that it would fit. A military strategy game needs a lot of AI, little graphics, good missions, little dialogues. I thought that. Was nothing. Well anyway, just something different, three plays later fumbled at the controls, everything balanced out somewhat, again a flop with lousy ratings and sales figures. Two dozen times I've tried it since, on top mediocrity in this genre I did not really quite normal with this constellation. Whether on PC or console, almost no matter what the parameters were, it was not. For role playing games, however after a short time I had almost sure formula for racing games also, for Adventures went back nothing.

Game Dev Tycoon
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The "tests" are a joke. "Needed more technique." Ok ... and what was so accurately? "Adventure and the Middle Ages are a great combination." Ok, and why did I collected only 2 points? "Waste of time". Just do not be exactly. "A milestone." Why? There had as many design and engineering issues such as the last of its kind, what is different now? Unfortunately, I see the game to not know where that is so I know? Addition, there are factors such as age give target group, trends or too frequent repetitions, which are at least partially something more comprehensible, but in some cases also fall back under the table. Which platform for which target group is interesting, as you can readily choose you. An analysis commissioned or was otherwise look up not possible.

All this makes the experiment even in the later stages of the game to a very frustrating experience where you go broke quickly. Because even half a dozen mediocre success sometimes is not enough to pay the running costs, let alone do research to develop a new engine and to keep up with the rest of the world. The best way I drove with my patent formula for RPGs, which I then always changed the subject. That was enough for the people seem to not be bored, but it just never enough for the mega-hit. Did you once, then you have for a while the safe hands. But without meaningful feedback is the path from the flop there very, very tiring. Real game developers have to create millions of opportunities, forecasts and evaluate their game successes and failures. I would have a single one of them rich, so I do not constantly have to stir in the dark.

Many opportunities, but has not yet arrived.

It is clear that secure success should not be so easy to plan, that was one of the great weaknesses of the simple template Game Dev Story, but I need at least a few tips on what are based success and failure to act in a meaningful way. That must not degenerate into a number of deserts, but virtually nothing is a bit too little. It's also annoying that I have no influence over the development period. Is the financial cushion thick enough, nothing would actually speak against it, to let people screw six or twelve months, the perfect game, without me having to always weigh what features I may consider in the short term. This option have luxury studios such as Blizzard or Rockstar, why I do not get it here on demand, unfortunately, does not open up. Time limits under publisher contracts are quite understandable, even if companies like Gearbox Co. and they do not always comply, but in-house productions, there should be this option.

Despite all Game Dev Tycoon is by no means a bad game, just one that has thought of these points is not quite over. The depth of all the options that flowed into it, the Publisher options, multi-genre titles, all the games features, which you can accommodate in your engines, all that goes far beyond the model beyond. The management of the workforce could still be a little clearer and clearer assigned to the differentiated tasks here. Game Dev Story was in a development section graphic, it was clear that someone has ran with a graphic value. Add Tycoon reveals itself not so easy if you're good for something, but with time you come behind it. This part of exploration makes but still fun, as opposed simply to balance what is actually in the Fine and rough to the games themselves doing that.

Game Dev Tycoon
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More comfort would be desirable in the statistics and their own history. There is no simple tables, which tracks best running and most importantly, how their recipe looked exactly the slider. A big hit can be subsequently no longer breakdown, which is a real drawback in view of the large number of options later. There is a sequel function with which you can start a sequel, but this is only the platform and the genre combination again, the rest is forgotten. A shame, because if all options were like pre-predecessor, it could be easier to experiment.

The user guide seems completely designed for touch. The right mouse button is almost never used, everything can be adjusted via large, finger-friendly knobs and I would now time to assume that Kairosoft sooner or later will notice also on mobile devices, that as brazen competition is underway. Otherwise, you are allowed to technically do not expect much. The graphics are so clean and clear drawn, as it is irrelevant. The same goes for the sound. Is present, is sufficient.

Game Dev Tycoon Official Trailer

Where to contrast as well as the model made an effort to trace the games history was in rough points and slightly twisted name. All consoles appear then, when they came into reality. The Dreamcast gets his swan song, the emergence of CD-i and Playstation a mention, it's all there. Even the test editors who spread good times and sometimes less nice about your art, you know somewhere. Jörg Longer? Seems vaguely familiar. Good thing I'm not so well known by Martin ogre I had enough time in the school.

It is difficult. Add Tycoon Game Dev whole lot of great ideas, expand its one of my absolute favorite mobile games once more powerful and actually make it a much better game would be stuck. Unfortunately there is no way to direct all of this new power to develop the perfect game into meaningful pathways. Give me a couple of tables that shows me how my flops and hits were composed, in short: Tycoon Game Dev, talk to me!

Nevertheless, I have now played over 15 hours and will certainly sink a few more. Unfortunately, many of them were also littered with trial-and-error frustration that could have been avoided. It's a balancing act between the cheers, if something is possible, and the crash, because you then can not really understand what it fails so many times. I want to love it, all his little hints, designs and many options but so far I like it only. If Greenheart games with his rework updates here again, I can here set the rating underneath that I would have liked to see more of my own games. But I hope that I at least made clear why that is unfortunately not yet possible. The one crucial step that I would be so in itself this wonderful little game ahead.

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