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Final Fantasy XV: Final Fantasy Versus 13 and Final Fantasy XV will appear on the Playstation 4

The team at Square Enix has new plans for Final Fantasy Versus 13, was announced as the sequel to the thirteenth part of the RPG series. The action game will instead appear as Final Fantasy XV on the Playstation 4 and becomes the new majority of the Final Fantasy saga. Also shows a new video trailer from E3 gameplay footage with fast-paced battles in Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy Versus 13

In Final Fantasy 13 Versus the leaders of Square Enix seems to have turned upside down a lot. The developers announced at the E3 games show that the new action game is the main part of the role-playing game series Final Fantasy XV, and as appears on the Playstation fourth In this framework, the team at Square Enix unveiled a new video trailer that introduces in the setting of Final Fantasy XV and already shows some clips from the action-packed gameplay combat.

Final Fantasy XV

Before renaming Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy Versus 13 should appear as an action sequel to the thirteenth part of the RPG saga on the Playstation third As yet, nothing is known about whether 4 will also follow more release announcements for other platforms with the change to the next-gen console Playstation. Similarly, the leaders of Square Enix have not released any information on a release date of Final Fantasy XV. Following the message you can watch or look at the new gameplay trailer showcasing some fast-paced battles in the new Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 will also appear on the Xbox One

The yesterday as part of Sony's E3 press conference announced by Square Enix Final Fantasy 15 (formerly Final Fantasy Versus 13) will not only appear on the PlayStation 4, but also for Microsoft's Xbox One.

The same applies to the event will also be shown on the Kingdom Hearts 3

During a presentation, the publisher showed a brief demo of Final Fantasy 15, where you will probably be accompanied by two other NPCs. The Command menu contains the commands "warp", "attack" and "inform", while the game leaves a more action oriented feel to it.

The main character teleports for example, directly to multiple enemies back and tells sword kills. Following recovering from a fight he even slapped his comrades from after it helped him.

Furthermore, Square Enix revealed that one's Scores on the PS3 version of Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn can take in the planned for next year PS4 version. The PC and PS3 versions appear on 27 August worldwide.

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