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Final Fantasy 15 PC version is not excluded - New details from E3

Several journalists have conducted interviews with Square Enix E3 in the game show in which, among other things, the Xbox One version of Final Fantasy was confirmed 15th We have compiled the most important answers for you in our message. Final Fantasy 15 will be released for PS4 and Xbox One. An exact release date is still unknown.

Was finally unveiled at E3 Final Fantasy 15, which previously had been found to be 13 Final Fantasy Versus in development and is eagerly awaited by fans. Especially the long dry spell in terms of concrete information for many was a pain, but now there are not only two new trailer for Final Fantasy 15, which you can watch below this message. Square Enix has also revealed new details of the role play.

Final Fantasy 15
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on the game show in Los Angeles from Square Enix held an event called "The Future of Final Fantasy", also selected journalists were invited. We summarize the most important conclusions from the interviews of online colleagues of together for you. About two years ago, Square Enix Final Fantasy Versus 13 decided to develop the next-gen consoles and renamed the fantasy role-playing game for this reason in Final Fantasy 15 to. The fundamental basis for the development of Final Fantasy 15 should be 11, according to a year or DirectX.

Final Fantasy XV
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Up to this point the game was even for current gen consoles in development. But to ensure the highest possible quality, we changed the focus solely on the development of next-gen consoles. Behind the Agni's Philosophy tech demo is not a game hid. This should only present the Luminous Engine, also on the Final Fantasy 15 is based. Both Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3, based in its development on DirectX 11.
Final Fantasy 15
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According to game director Tetsuya Nomura, the team is at any hardware that is compatible with DirectX11, superior to port the game on this platform. A PC version is therefore not yet announced directly, but is at least in the realm of possibility. Final Fantasy 15 will be an action-based game, but to keep the bottle typical of the series. Many turn-based elements but it will not give. Main character Noctis is indeed able to fight alone, but often it is in a supportive team go.

Since the own party was also important in previous parts of the series, this will again play a role, albeit in a different form than before. Tonight, the way it should still give a stream of Square Enix, in which the The Future of Final Fantasy event will be summarized. On our topic page for Final Fantasy 15 you will find more information about the game in the future.

Final Fantasy XV - Announcement Trailer (E3 2013)

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