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FIFA 14 Hands-On In Test: Next-Gen-kick on the Xbox One

At E3 we were already the FIFA 14 next-generation gamble that runs on EA Sports' brand new Ignite engine. Besides graphical and gameplay improvements, especially we noticed. Great new and improved animations, more dynamic game, better atmosphere and more could inspire us allude of FIFA 14.

The two British FIFA maker David Rutter and Nick Channon presented ourselves in Los Angeles their next-gen FIFA 14th We even had the opportunity to EA kicks on one Xbox to play. Based on our sample match between FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, we explain to you the new features and improvements that EA Sports thanks to the next-gen power was installed in the Xbox-One version.


Realistic football has never been

It is unbelievable how many enormously authentic animations we have already discovered in our first sample match. A Iniesta lupft the ball as easy to straddle over the outstretched leg of a defender. Elsewhere Pique arm and body pushes so wonderful a liquid before Atletico striker that you think you would just watch a real football game.

But there are also completely new movements, such as the Lewandowski-Move, as we would call the motion: Let's play the ball high on our striker, we can move the ball by pressing on the area of ​​the Xbox controller with a one-button 180 RT degree turn over and put us in the running at defenders. However, the timing must be perfect, otherwise the test fails.

There usually is the next-gen FIFA 14 that the combination game no longer misses the way in FIFA 13 This is partly due to the new ball physics, which ensures that the ball no longer sticks so closely to the foot. On the other, to the attentive defenders who frequently extract a sliding tackle to intercept a pass in the seam of the back four. We like this very well, because you have to play out even better opportunities and consideration. Having completed many of the EA booth matches are assumed 0:0, we also particularly pleased when we were able einnetzen Fabregas with a neat low shot into the far corner.

When standards are also doing a lot. While in FIFA 13 only two players have always gone to his head, now move four players - two of each team - to the ball and try to reach the ball. This makes for more dynamism in earlier quite static standards.


An increase in atmospheric

The graphical advances fall in a long shot not so much on, but in close-ups in slow motion or Torjubeln. The blades of grass are thanks to Full HD resolution not only easier to see it fly away even some straws, if you play as a pass. The already very realistic faces do not look too much better than in FIFA 13 For this, sitting in the stands finally dressed differently and different animated spectators. To get you in more stadium atmosphere, which irons out an EA Sports frequently mentioned criticism.

FIFA 14 on Xbox One on the way to the title

Of course we can make based on our hands-on with an early version still no final judgment. Nevertheless, already show the first few minutes that also offered an outstanding series such as FIFA still room for improvement and EA Sports has used this room just fine. Although apart from the crowd does nothing dramatic. But there were and are many of these small improvements, FIFA brings ever closer to perfection. We can release the next-gen consoles definitely not wait - it will be interesting to see if FIFA 14 is first to celebrate the PS4 or the Xbox One premiere.

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