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Fable 3 - Currently free for download for Xbox 360

Currently you can watch over Xbox LIVE Fable 3 download completely free - whether it is an error or a promo action just before the start of Microsoft's E3 press conference, is still unclear.

Fable 3 To help you download, you visit the official Xbox page whose product page (link below). Then you click on "Buy Game" and is now appearing in the window to "use Microsoft Points". Well Fable 3 should be acquired free of charge.

Fable 3

The only catch is you have to be a Gold member to make it work. This in turn suggests that a promotional campaign behind it. If not, then it would not be the first time that Microsoft would falsely offer a Fable game free to download. Shortly before the release of Fable 3 Fable 2 was available for free via Xbox LIVE.

Fable 3

It is expected that Microsoft will today take a look at the announced few days ago Fable Anniversary granted. Meanwhile, you should at Lionhead probably not be very inactive when it comes to brand new offshoot. It is therefore to be expected also that a next-gen Fable is presented.

Fable 3 can be downloaded for free right now on the Xbox Live Marketplace

Fable 3, produced by the developers of Lionhead Studios role-playing game for PC and Xbox 360, there are free on just for all Gold members. Unknown, however, whether an error has crept here at Microsoft, or if the game was made intentionally for free online. In the marketplace although a price of 39.99 euros will be displayed once it but a "buy" clicks and paid by Gamer Points, the price changes to "free". We could all be confirmed by a test and secure a free version. However, it is not known how long the action is still running, so to fans of the game series should hurry.

Fable 3

Fable 3 is the third part of the popular RPG series. The game boasts some very creative quests, a good story and some quirky characters. Also a co-op has to offer RPG from the creators of Lionhead. As a character skin, it is up to you, a revolution in Albion, the game world of Fable 3 , instigate and topple your brother as a tyrannical ruler or join bandits. Besides, you have the possibility as a player, for example, to start a family or buy a house.

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