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E3 2013 - Mario Kart 8 alluded

At E3 we were able to Mario Kart 8 allude to the WiiU for a while, and although three courses. We have not quoted us the names, but the first series was a very classic-looking course, the second is a road course, including major obstacle MOVING (tram), and the third one tribute to Luigi's Mansion : A haunted castle, including underwater passages.


At the word "homage" we should immediately mention that part 8 as a "best of" earlier parts feels, for example, in the underwater sequences. The two major features of Mario Kart 8 are for a motion control via WiiU gamepad (which is almost certainly only be switched on when you are enjoying the game on the TV ...) - but we have replaced it after a few minutes against the conventional stick control. The second major innovation is the hover mode: At predetermined locations (where you must often control accordingly, ie as in a wall inside) automatically switches your vehicle to hover mode and is visible to Sweden companion. How can you walls or other vertical elements along roar, where the image will be rotated accordingly, but usually remains slightly wrong. A nice new feature that provides entirely new options on the routes (never as good as you have to go to the vertical). And of course you are allowed to also use walls of extra weapons or other ram.

Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8

Otherwise, everything remains the same, and "old" you mean "good" that is "pure fun": You gather and throw bananas and other extras that it is a pleasure again you are allowed also some passages in the glider complete dangling. And who thinks he has driven a very good race, can post his performance in Mario Kart TV online. Like any Mario Kart might indeed be a nice solo play also part 8, but only ascend in multiplayer mode to full size. Locally, as almost always, get involved four players simultaneously online twelve. The graphics seemed to us (we were looking at about a 30.Zoll large monitor) to run in 1080p and be consistently liquid.

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