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Call of Duty Ghosts - Dogs, dynamic maps and the downfall of the USA

'Please do not let the dog die'. At least, I think of this scenario, once the term 'emotional bond' falls. Infinity Ward wants you in Call of Duty Ghost after all, not only provide a useful animal on the side, sniffed the explosives or attacked enemy soldiers. No, you shall obtain a similar relation to the dog as the real Navy SEALs, who would collect even a bullet for her faithful friend by his own admission. And anyone who has played the Modern Warfare series, knows how Characters like Infinity Ward can die, to evoke emotion.

Call of Duty Ghosts
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A New Hope

At least that's Author Stephen Gaghan, who won an Oscar for the brilliant script for Steven Soderbergh's film Traffic, hope that you can the animal alive. Not much is yet known about the central story. Accompanied her at the beginning of the story two brothers who witnessed the downfall of the United States and grew up during the time of war. What exactly was responsible for an attack on the destruction of the nation world power and what is behind it, no one would have been betrayed.

Nearly a decade later, you are part of the newly formed Team Ghost, which are based on real Neavy SEAL Team Six, and so has the perfect training for the fight against unknown odds. By the U.S. defeat the technological development of the country has come to a standstill. Thus, although the action takes place in the near future, you'll get this time no futuristic weapons or equipment. However, the same does not apply to your enemy, the Arsenal continued to develop steadily after the attack.

Call of Duty Ghosts Riley
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"The great thing is the fact that we now have a world in which our status quo no longer exists," said Executive Producer Mark Rubin against euro gamers. "The U.S. and the West no longer form the super power it once had. The tide has turned. The U.S. is suddenly the underdog and have to defend themselves against constant attacks and keep their heads still alive. Now there is someone else We currently do not even talk about, which is the new odds. someone with whom you did not expect. "

"And actually, it is also completely irrelevant to who it is, because we now have this change," Rubin continues." In past Call of Dutys you were the tough guy. You were the super soldier on with all the resources. You had tons of tanks and aircraft and hi-tech equipment. You were the ultimate alpha dog in the world. Now it's you no more and fight against people who have better equipment and more troops. "

New generation, new technology

Of course appears Call of Duty Ghosts in addition to current devices on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which is why the title is treated to a new engine. The most important part of which is sub-D, which allows developers to use more polygons to improve detail in character models, weapons, and your environment. Which manifests itself in the dog's ear in smaller scars on the nose or a tattoo, is reflected in the human figures especially on the arms. After all, the part of the body, to have you playing continuously in view.

On her hands and arms now recognizes the finest hair, small cuts or even the dirt under the fingernails. Even with the weapons to sub-D is clearly noticeable. Remember, for example, on Modern Warfare 3 and the slightly angular visor that can now be shown by an increased number of polygons perfectly round. In areas even improved light and shadow effects create a more authentic environment.

What has not been answered despite the new technology, the question of the resolution, in which you shall not partake of the new consoles the title. Versions for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 continues to run at 720p at 60 frames wonderfully liquid, the second over the screen. The speed despite new details should never suffer a slump, but can look forward to future owners of the new generation at the same time to a higher resolution?

Together dominate the field

Improved technology and more interesting story is well and good, but the real reason to buy for most players is still the dominant Multiplayer. Fortunately, change is good stuff here. Playful added Infinity Ward added a few new gameplay elements that will increase your movement on the map and the river while playing. So your character automatically raises when running over small obstacles such as walls, without sacrificing speed. Side lean offers you a reduced target zone when viewing around corners and shall brief the slides on the ground to escape her gegnerischem barrage better. Whether these features really work, of course, remains to be seen until we can lend a hand. However, they listen to for meaningful improvements that fit perfectly into the existing philosophy of rapid game.

Call of Duty Ghosts Dogs

Another new feature is the dynamic multiplayer maps on which certain events affect the gameplay directly. Some of them happen automatically, such as an earthquake, changing the terrain your complete, or a tidal wave that fills certain areas with water. Players even can for example set new booby traps. All these things must be used clever of you to win the round. Who meanwhile wants to customize his character's own preferences, this can now be done in an advanced editor. Changed after arms finally your body or face, or your remaining equipment. Whether this is intended as an opportunity for further micro-transactions? I would not exclude it. Still a nice option to settle alongside emblems in the mass slaughter of his enemies and comrades.
It all seems pretty promising. To the multiplayer I'm not real thoughts. The new game elements and ideas for dynamic maps listen to me sensible and show the will for further improvements. How well it plays out in the end, will be seen at first sight. Much more worried I'm currently still in the single player. Treyarch also won the last Call of Duty a famous Hollywood writer on board and still slapped a rather soulless mishmash of game elements on the screen that is neither a unified vision, yet showed an understanding of the proper pacing. I hope to return to a balanced campaign that skillfully as the fourth part shows its strengths and not just any idea raises disjointed on the player. And please let the dog's life!

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