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Banjo Kazooie Symphony Published

Rares games in the 90s have not only looked good and were excellent playable, but also possessed a most formidable soundtrack. The 3D hopscotch Banjo-Kazooie is because of course no exception and still enjoy the tunes from the adventures of bear and bird great popularity. And such great popularity that the musician Blake Robinson transformed the pieces as an orchestral arrangement and presented ready for download. The album can you you in digital format with different audio formats (MP3, FLAC and AIFF) for the price of 10 U.S. dollars, or the equivalent of about € 7.70 to download.

Banjo Kazooie Symphony
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Before you buy, you have the opportunity to all 30 tracks on Loudr audition in full length. The project is based on ia praise of Grant Kirkhope, composer of the original soundtrack. The sound quality produces the sounds of the N64 module are of course not to be compared with the digital orchestra of Robinson, a recognition is of course clearly present. Robinson previously been published orchestral versions of other well-known themes from PC and video games, including Super Mario, Metroid, Final Fantasy and Zelda.

Banjo-Kazooie Symphony Announcement

Banjo-Kazooie Symphony Now Available!

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