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Animal Crossing New Leaf - Finally, be mayor

In Japan, it is at least as well known as in our The Sims . The number to Animal Crossing enstand currently under development for the Nintendo 64 Nintendo. The first part of it, not just in the West, but in Japan celebrates major successes.

With the Gamecube the cuddly life simulation then finally reached western plains. Under the simple name of Animal Crossing , the second part of the series and convinced millions of players appears. No wonder, then, that the successor to Animal Crossing - Wild World almost 12 million sold for Nintendo DS units counts.

New Leaf Animal Crossing

New Leaf Animal Crossing

New Leaf Animal Crossing

Looking for mayor

Three million copies of Animal Crossing - New Leaf Nintendo has now sold in Japan. In June comes the latest episode of the N64 launched on everyday life and simulation to Germany. Cheats Nintendo has in Frankfurt in the nearly finished version of Animal Crossing - alluded New Leaf.

Just arrived by train in the city, you welcome the friendly animals. Since the mayor's office is currently vacant, you shall assume such a responsibility.

Not bad, for a fresh newcomers! So off to the town hall, do some paper work. No sooner is the ticked off, it's time to you to look for housing.

Own villa is the newly appointed mayor did not seem to, but quite a prominent fellow named Tom Nook does help. So you find yourself at the end of the day in a moderately large tent on a building site again. If you can afford it you, bleary-eyed but soon in a separate house.

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