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Akinator: The Mind Reader on your smartphone

Akinator is a mind-reader, recently, in the smartphone lives. The game is simple and elegant: The user thinks of any person from the public life and the Akinator will most likely get to what person it is.

Akinator The Genie

The software can

The principle of Akinator is simple and ingenious. The user thinks of any public figure. Important historical figures are also conceivable, such as modern musicians , or the coach of the Chinese Ping Pong National Team at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

In connection to the Akinator will ask general questions to person. In this the user answers as truthfully as possible and the Akinator tries due to the given answers to identify the person. The rate speaks generally from the Akinator, the player should therefore try not to easy to make the mind reader.

The aim of the game is to seduce the Akinator to a false assumption or hope at least that he must ask many questions to determine the person sought. Often enough the Akinator will surprise the players, however, even if he might not recognize Liu Guoliang, the Chinese national table tennis team coach directly.

The free version is limited and can be used per day for a certain number of games.

Akinator The Genie

This means the network world-Editor

Akinator is a small Internet phenomenon and with the app available on the smartphone. The better the user knows the person sought, the greater the likelihood that the app finds the bounty. Unreal characters from comics or inputs such as members of the user, the app can also be found.

The background is an impressive database of information with a variety of inputs to different people.

System Requirements

Akinator is available on various smartphone operating systems.

Required permissions in Android

  • Take pictures and videos
  • Control vibrator
  • Search accounts on your device
  • Retrieve data from the Internet
  • Retrieve network connections
  • Access to all networks
  • Edit or delete USB storage contents
  • Test access to protected memory
  • Disable hibernation
  • Retrieve phone state and identity
  • Show all details about the permissions

Akinator Data Sheet

  • Developer  : SCIMOB
  • Price
  • Google Play : 1.59 EUR 
  • AndroidPIT : 1.59 EUR
  • Last Updated 08.10.2011
  • File size 6.51 MB
  • Operating system Android
  • Category Recreation

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