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Xbox One Controller - from gamers for gamers

Microsoft has released the first pictures of the new Xbox One controller unveiled.

The company said that the new input device "developed by gamers for gamers" and was "more than 40 design innovations" has.

The first pictures of the controller show that the shape is similar to the current input device and buttons and analog sticks are arranged similarly.

Xbox One Controller
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Where is the home button is the 360 ​​controller, two new buttons appear. They seem to serve to control the user interface. In addition, the new controller according to Microsoft's Marc Whitten followed for the extended "lag-free" control of the Kinect sensor.

The new control cross should have been significantly improved (it is one of the biggest criticisms of the current controller). In addition, game developers can supposedly feedback "to directly program the keys," Whitten said.

In the presentation of these buttons are called "Impulsive trigger". You will probably be able to customize various resistance and vibration levels to the game experience. Microsoft has not gone to the last detail.

The new controller will feature a built-in battery and can communicate with the console via WiFi.

Xbox One Controller
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Xbox One Controller
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