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Xbox One - The console can also matches

Xbox One is the new game console from Microsoft. The device is yet to come this year on the market and occupy a central place in the living room.

Xbox One Console

Does she now Infinity, Fusion, Durango or 720? About the name of Microsoft's new game console, the successor to the eight year old Xbox 360, aficionados have long speculated. Now it is easy to Xbox One and is to come later this year on the market. After a few weeks ago featured PlayStation 4 from Sony and has been available since winter Nintendo Wii U they completed the eighth generation of consoles.

However, video games are just a part of the Xbox-one media offering. Even the opening of the one-hour presentation Xbox boss Don Mattrick was careful to speak of "games and entertainment." The living room has changed in recent years by a variety of new devices and ways Mattrick said. The challenge was, therefore, is "to unite fragmented offerings."

Xbox One Console

The Xbox One offers all-in-one

How that is, Mattrick demonstrated the spectators on the object. The Xbox One can be operated by voice as well as through gestures. Simple commands allow you to quickly switch between services, between games and music, and videos between - the current television: The Xbox One can also access it. The voice control can switch channels or program notes show, gestures, users can minimize movies and scrolling text.

Xbox One Controllers

In addition, the new console supports multitasking: In addition to television shows, movies or games, the user can display more content in a side column, surf the net or start a Skype video chat with friends. The surface is reminiscent of the principle of the Xbox 360, the response time when switching between applications was surprisingly short in the presentation.

Xbox One All in One

Microsoft's aim is clear: The Xbox One should be no more game console but a complete package that combines both video games as well as the offers so-called set-top boxes. Thus, the Xbox not only positioned as a competitor to the PlayStation and Nintendo Wii, but also as a competitor to AppleTV, GoogleTV, Roku and so-called SmartTVs . Instead of the TV, users should first turn on the Xbox in the future, they will form the multimedia switching. On Twitter asked many keynote audience that the Xbox unless one still have a game console.

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