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Xbox One and PlayStation 4 - All the Questions and Answers

PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? This question will provide millions of gamers end of the year. Which console should you invest - the new Microsoft or the new Sony? We want to make it easier for you to decide and answer any questions the next generation of consoles.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4

What hardware is in PS4 and Xbox one?

To date, Microsoft and Sony have announced not too many details about the hardware features of their consoles, but indicates already that both devices will probably operate approximately at eye level: In the PlayStation 4 and the One is one 8-core CPU from AMD for use, which in turn 8 GB of RAM available to the side. The graphics solution from AMD and comes in the form of an APU is installed along with the CPU as a chip. Sony gives the resulting computing power at 1.84 Tera-FLOPS, Microsoft says so far only that the Xbox one is eight times faster than its predecessor. 's Xbox One, a 500 GB hard drive will be used, the size of the hard drive in the PlayStation 4, there is no information. Both consoles share the optical drive on the Blu-ray format, added Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Ethernet and USB 3 Bluetooth has been confirmed only for the PS4, but should also be found in the One.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Specs

What resolution support one Xbox and PlayStation 4?

Both consoles will support games in the full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (1080p) at 60 frames per second. When the PlayStation 4, this is according to Sony, the maximum resolution for games. Microsoft on the other hand it up to developers to program and games in higher resolution. However, it is unclear how performant then these games would still run. Video playback support One and PS4 maximum in 4K, so with 3 840 x 2160 pixels.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Graphics

If the PS4 or Xbox One down be compatible?

Both consoles are based on a new chip architecture, so backward compatibility is not possible. Sony switches from cell processors to the x86 architecture to x86 Microsoft from PowerPC processors. Games for the current generation of consoles will therefore can not be read by the next generation. Sonny wants to deal with this problem, however, with a little trick: The PlayStation 4 is old PS3 title to stream over the Internet to the local console via game streaming service Gaikai live. The games are not installed, but running on a Sony server with PS3 architecture and are only transferred to the PS4. However, it is not yet known what this service will cost.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Exclusive

How will the controller for Xbox and PlayStation change?

Both the PS4 and Xbox one in the basic controller design of the current generation is maintained. The gamepads were primarily changed in small details, big changes are scarce. When the PlayStation 4, the biggest news of the DualShock controller 4 is a touch-sensitive panel between the two analog sticks. This touchpad is operated with the thumb and developers to provide additional control options. In turn, one of the Xbox Controller Microsoft is the most important innovation in a more rounded game experience: The left and right triggers have now built vibration modules. For example, the right trigger vibrate when you fire a gun.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Controllers

What alternative input methods support the PS4 and Xbox one?

Both consoles will have motion control. However, the fall in the PlayStation 4 clearly rudimentary than the Xbox One from: The new PS4 controller has at the head of a luminous surface that serves as a point of a webcam. So the console can follow and implement the player's movements. The Xbox One, however, relies on an improved version of Kinect. The new camera releases with Full HD on at 30 FPS and does not require any resource like glowing controller. It recognizes up to four players and will be so precise that they "read" even their heartbeat. In addition, the Xbox supports commands by voice.

Requires Playstation 4 / Xbox One a permanent Internet connection?

Prior to the presentation of the Xbox Always-on-One numerous rumors making the rounds and unsettled player. Supposedly the next Xbox should not even start without connection to the Internet. So bad it did not come, but much better is the reality also is not: According to Microsoft, the game producers will be able to decide what kind of online connection requires its title. In addition, the Xbox itself is "mostly online" and be downloaded in the background system or game updates and news. Sony keeps still quite covered with respect to the online needs of its console. After all, it was known, however, that no always-on force will exist.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Share

If you can sell used PS4 or Xbox One games?

For PlayStation 4, there is no information regarding the used game market. One for the Xbox, Microsoft has at least expressed vague: If you buy a game, it must necessarily be installed on the hard drive of the console and then activated online. As a result, the game is linked to the Xbox Live account of the player. From this point on, the game can be played regardless of the media on the Xbox One. In addition, for other accounts on the same Xbox One (for example, family members) possible to use the game and you can play this game on another Xbox One, as long as you log on there with your own Xbox Live account. When has bought and Blu-ray for Xbox One once activated, the license is now virtually tied. Although you can pass on the disk, but this can then be used only as an installation disc. After installation, you can only start the game, when a new license has been purchased online. The price of the license is intended to conform to the current official price of the game. In plain English, this means that it will no longer be possible with the Xbox One games to sell or to purchase cheap used games.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Launch Games

When the Playstation 4 / Xbox One appears?

Both Microsoft and Sony have not yet mentioned no specific launch date for their consoles. Both companies talk only of "in the course of 2013." Based on previous console launches and simple market considerations it therefore seems highly likely that the PS4 and one end of November 2013 published: The Friday after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, starts in the U.S. on 29 November, the official holiday shopping season. About a week earlier, on 21 November is watchdogs appear. Since the game is a launch title for PS4 and Xbox One, it could be at 21 November therefore also be the release date for the console.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Price

How much will the Xbox or PlayStation 4 One cost?

Also on this issue, there is still no official response. Sony had previously only known that they had learned from the mistakes of the past and the PS4 will therefore not sell as expensive as once the PS3. Microsoft also hinted that the Xbox one will move at a similar price level as the first version of Xbox 360. It is therefore assumed that one Xbox and PlayStation 4 will cost around 400 to 500 dollars. The Euro price should in all probability 1-to-1 correspond to the dollar price.

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