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Xbox One - always-online requirement is optional for developers

According to a new report, there will be no mandatory always-on-duty, but developers can integrate in Xbox One games.

Apparently, developers can choose to let some game processes run on the cloud. In this case, one would need a constant connection to the Internet games.

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On the website "Xbox News "states:" The Xbox One does not have to be always connected to the Internet, but sometimes it needs an internet connection. "

It continues: "The Xbox One was designed as a complete entertainment system that is connected to the cloud and is always ready to use. But you can also play games, watch Blu-Ray movies and TV when the online connection is broken. "

According to a report on the Web at "Wired" can use Microsoft's cloud services for the development game development studios: "This means that certain processes of the game are stored in the cloud, rather than on the Xbox-One hardware."

Such a game would require a constant online connection. Marc Whitten from Xbox Live, but said that there is no obligation to use this opportunity for developers. "I hope they use it," but he added.

Whether Microsoft will insist that its partners and internal development studios use the always-online technology, is still unclear.

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