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Tomb Raider, Hitman and Co. provide more revenue, but also the red

Square Enix communicated in March that the fiscal year will not look particularly rosy. Now, the company went into a bit more detail, revealing: in the previous year could increase sales by 15.7 percent (1.12 billion euros).

Although the major titles from Square Enix were not bad at all, were not satisfactory sales figures materialize.
Yet developments such as Tomb Raider and Hitman: Absolution ensured higher costs. In addition, the sales below expectations lagged so that Square Enix import an operating loss of the equivalent of around 46 million euros at the end. Last year there were nearly 75 million euros profit.

But not only the games led to the loss, including depreciation, amortization and restructuring have here their fingers in the pie. Dismissals could be very likely given the current numbers well after Square before even hired hundreds of new employees worldwide. Only in April, the new CEO Yosuke Matsuda announced layoffs that should come to fruition, especially in LA.

In the future, not only wants to minimize development costs and shorten production cycles, but also take care of the areas more smartphone and tablet Square Enix. Your own portfolio will also be more adapted to the specific regions around the world, so that Square expects the current fiscal year with an increase of 26 million to 45 million euros.

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