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The Xbox One will to Black Brother

Microsoft's new console Xbox one hears everything, everything looks and never sleeps. After Google Glass now gets a further technique product be the visor of the data protectors.

Xbox One All In One Entertainment

All in One - Everything in one: Thus, Microsoft advertises for his new entertainment device. Games, music, videos, television and Internet: All of that is intended the Xbox One seamlessly link together - and establish itself so that as a multimedia center in the living room. However exactly like Google coming data glasses Google Glass already now applies the data protectors against themselves worldwide, threatens also Microsoft's new console Xbox One long before the market Start to Christmas plentifully headwind. Because in order all the new functions implement to, the company has further developed the voice-or gesture control especially.

Xbox One All In One Entertainment

With her one changes between the current television program and a in parallel ongoing console Game back and forth, calls over a side column additional information from the Internet from or chats via Skype with friends, during you look a sports transmission. No matter what happens in the living room, the Xbox sees and hears about cameras and microphones with.

Xbox One Controllers

Xbox One Controllers

Takes place The control of the applications over the motion sensor Kinect : A new version of the 3D camera with speech recognition belongs by default to do so. By means of Kinect can be the console also from standby-mode on: For this the voice command "Xbox, on" is enough. Anders told: The new Xbox never sleeps. Kinect recognizes the player thereby at his voice, which console automatically in. Login themselves a in whose user account. Opposite the Vormodell themselves of the new Kinect-sensor is characterized from especially through precision: The high-resolution 3D camera distinguishes not only up to six persons in a room - they registered also minimal face stirrings and can even measure from the Distance of the player the pulse. This combination of abilities makes business models in the advertising possible, to the still hardly someone thinks today. About main: Which data will be collected? Where and how long are they stored? Is a Next sale of the data planned? Microsoft will have to do in the coming months some to answer these questions.

Watch The Xbox One Unveil Video

As a consequence model the eight years old Xbox 360 the Xbox One is intended offer a complete entertainment-program that extends far beyond Games. The Microsoft console then competes with the likewise already announced Playstation 4 of Sony -. and with Nintendo's WiiU, which is available since last winter The new console Ouya finances itself over Internet donations. The Xbox One itself offers a clearly higher performance than the current console generation . In the-edged, black-painted housing be located a Eight core processor, a 500-gigabyte hard plate, eight gigabytes working memory and a Blu-ray drive.

Anders than with previous consoles the computer architecture strongly resembles of the of the latest PC's. For games Companies that is an advantage, because they now can port between both platforms their Games easier. But At the same time it also means, that older console games do not run on the Xbox One. A price for the console stands not fixed yet. He is likely depend on how strongly Microsoft subsidized be new crowd puller, in order against over the competition to create a broad as possible hardware basis.

Smartphones and tablets put consoles such as Xbox One under pressure

With the Microsoft Xbox One relies on a number of developments that currently characterize the gaming market. The traditional consoles have come under pressure through smartphones and tablets, cheap games on the way the trend. Even now, owners of mobile devices through the software Smart Glass with the Xbox 360 communicate to retrieve additional functions such as maps or level floor plans. Microsoft wants these "second screen" even more strongly connect to the console:... Around in matches between Xbox One and tablet PC also from the cloud technology are buyers of the new console benefit Firstly Scores can be stored online and access to other one has access even access your own game library, if one logs on the Xbox One of a friend.

Speaking of games: Microsoft on Tuesday only given a little taste of what to expect owners of the Xbox One exclusives include the racing simulation. "Forza 5" and an action game called "Quantum Break"; also sports games such as "FIFA 14" and shooters like "Call of Duty: Ghosts" part of the portfolio More titles will be announced in mid-June at the E3 in Los Angeles..

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