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Sims 4 will appear in 2014 for PC and Mac

The Sims studio is currently working on The Sims 4, which will appear in 2014 for PC and MAC. In The Sims 4 heart and soul of the Sims themselves are the focus. This is intended to enter into a closer bond among the most expressive, surprising and enchanting Sims players of all time in this classic single player offline experience.

In The Sims 4, players are encouraged to make the game world using new intuitive tools to their liking. You also get the possibility to easily share their creativity with fans and friends.

The Sims series thrives on the passion and creativity of millions of fans worldwide. Their enthusiasm for the series inspired the development team, one of the most popular simulation games, which has sold over 150 million copies worldwide to constantly improve and expand innovative features.

As a thank you for the support of more than 30 million fans around the globe post on social network and discuss stories about The Sims, a special information meeting was held this morning. In this learned some of the most active fans from around the world as the first news about The Sims 4 These fans are also held in future by the development team about the progress of the game evolves.

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