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SimCity - Update 3.0 released, full patch notes

The developer Maxis has now the 3.0 update for the urban simulation SimCity published, among other things, is to solve the traffic problems. The full patch notes are also available.

As already earlier this week announced the 3.0 update, the software developer Maxis now for the urban simulation SimCity published. This patch is intended to solve the traffic problems including an optimized management of the vehicles. Moreover, there is an update for the service vehicles, a revision of various sound effects, an improvement of transport and zahlreiiche minor bug fixes. Below this message you can find the full patch notes.

Patch Notes for SimCity v3.0

  • New: Additional Hotel models for wider selection of hotels
  • Transport: "Smarter traffic management" by updated guidance system for better traffic flow and better processing of information about U-turns, stops and required performance on certain types of roads
  • Transport: Better shuttle distributed by staggered layers in commercial and industrial buildings instead of rush hour on the hour
  • Traffic: Patch for stationary cars, which led to congestion
  • Traffic: Possibility to turn right at the red, and better traffic flow in certain situations
  • Traffic: Fine adjustment of regional commuting between cities with many workers and many workplaces
  • Air pollution: More Patches for cities in which the polluting building up to the accumulation of large air pollution resulted unknown cause
  • Service vehicles: Patch for service vehicles that had just disappeared before Update 2.0
  • School Buses: Patch for transport problems, in which school buses got stuck in neighboring cities or arcology
  • Sound: Improved sound for the French police station
  • Trade: Patch for inconsistent exchange of fire service brakeman between mountain and river valley in Wehn.
  • Trading: Direct discharge of sewage to the sewage treatment plant in the region (instead of the way through the whole city)
  • Trade: Patch for reliable function gift
  • Trade: Updated training field to display the Sims that come into town or visit neighboring towns
  • Ferry Port: Last chance for the ferry port, discharge the wastewater to the wastewater treatment plant and tailpipe
  • Patch for residential, commercial and industrial areas: Patch for Sims, who lost on the way back from the park by public transport sometimes money or satisfaction
  • Patch for residential, commercial and industrial areas: six-to 12-hour development lock after leveling of abandoned buildings or ruins
  • Patch for residential, commercial and industrial areas: Reduced waste of satisfaction due rent and lack of money in buildings of EKS 2 and 3 and thereby greater balance of derelict buildings
  • Patch for residential, commercial and industrial areas: Patch for cases in which certain buildings were abandoned because they were not available for floats
  • Trees: Longer shelf life of the trees, but smaller reduction of soil pollution
  • Radiation: Reduce soil contamination by radiation
  • Transport: New proposals in thought bubbles to overcrowded trains - instead of more trains, stations
  • Transportation: Embellished lights for better visual representation of the railway in the night
  • Transportation: Possibility to set up of tram stops to run directly on individual tracks and opportunity for passengers directly to the tracks along the bus stops
  • Transportation: Easily improved traffic flow through increased probability of buses or trams high traffic stops first approach
  • To lay possibility of pedestrian paths universities across roads: roads
  • Production LWKs: Patch for cases in which production LWKs left town and disappeared
  • Went patch for cases where lost when returning from vans to garages with inadequate storage facilities resources: Transporter
  • Sports Park: fine-tuning the number of skateboarders and athletes in the sports park
  • Data levels: Visibility of data areas in information-heavy levels
  • Edit mode: (shown improvement, especially in the parks) Add Another possible growing points in edit mode
  • Building: Patch for individual cases in which buildings were stacked

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