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Resident Evil Revelations In The Test

Who celebrates the return to the old days here, this has never experienced

Capcom, we need to talk. I have nothing against scantily clad women who are serving your target audience. But she grabs if you must, please games or modes where it does not bother me further. That you Chris "I destroy rocks with my fist" Redfield highly bred for a changing biceps and Jill really needs a permanent cut, I can live with. But the outfits of Jessica Sherawat, Chris is in the short parts of the campaign to the side, so so exaggerated and reduce this masked pin-up on its physical aspects. It takes me completely out of the game as soon as I see them.

Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations

Only her diving suit covers only one leg, while the other stands out completely blank and a strand of hair additionally looks out of the cap. Together with their atrocious dialogues I see it more in a night club than on a ship infested by monsters. Seriously, how am I supposed to take your character design and the representation of women in conservation? How is it not interfere with the action, the terror issue requires a certain self-control? How should I take it as a horror title seriously, if you do not you can own? Yes, Resident Evil was never known for his extraordinary texts or character development, but at least they felt in the context of the game fairly natural. Here I feel sometimes, like in a bad sitcom, in which the audience laughter is missing.

The wolf in sheep's clothing

Ok, deep breath. Going back to the beginning. Although this carelessness me slowly take your last nerve is Evil: Revelations not a bad game. It holds in its purest form even an extraordinary good game. During the first 30 minutes that you spend alone with Jill on the cruiser Queen Zenobia, I even thought of a return to old strengths. You wake up alone on one of the guest rooms and meet very soon to the first enemy. Without a weapon you are forced to dodge and you feel vulnerable again for a long time. After Jill leaves the room, shower you nostalgic memories, as you probably hired the interior designer of the Spencer villa for the furniture and wallpapers.

Resident Evil Revelations

This gives the impression of a mansion, only that it plays this time in a ship. Narrow corridors, the walls have been half discolored, stylish wood trim on the doors and an emerging exploration joy that the space is divided with your anxiety about the unknown. Careful you stumble through the halls and inhaled the strange isolated atmosphere. Yes, it really feels at that moment under the old Resident Evil concept of.

However, the state is surprising anticipation to an early end. Soon you will meet your fellow Parker, one of the waiting cut off by an ambush her. He stays with you almost all the time for the rest of the course, you will help in any fight, distract enemies and not showered for you to only dialogs that can look for a page embarrassing. Why can not he like Barry disappear and then explore the Queen Zenobia me alone? A co-op mode for the action does not exist and also other interaction possibilities are completely absent. At least Parker is all new characters nor the most normal. When remaining squad I still can not believe that the developers were some characters in their games.

Resident Evil Revelations

Between the twelve chapters, as usual, divided into smaller mini-sections, it often changes to two other teams. One of the two consists of Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat already mentioned. The other duo wins the prize for an almost unbelievable Deplatzierung. Two morons who offer little slapstick and send you even already explored areas. One of the two turns quickly as Pervert out, who goes by the code name Jackass and this repeated at every proud announcement. It does not really think in their sequences a brisk hip-hop beat plays in the background, which is the only blot on an otherwise brilliant soundtrack. Welcome to the future of horror!

But even with a sound suitably chosen these changes would still unwelcome burp. They are short, usually with a very strong focus on mundane shooter elements, and every time you pull out of the current events out. Moreover, they represent a falsified statement, which I can not always think that it is really spread about this game.

Resident Evil: Revelations has nothing to do except for the first 30 minutes with old parts. Sorry, but who sets up this assertion has gained his experience through short YouTube clips and connects with Resident Evil just long corridors and bowl, have the symbols. These are available. However, you have to look for them and also not missing exploring other with matching puzzles. Each mission has a fixed target point at which there is only one way. No alternatives and no separate search the premises for the next puzzle.

Resident Evil Revelations

It goes from A to B, back to A, and maybe once in between to C, if you later have the necessary keys a few chapters. The Spencer mansion or the police headquarters were a stand-alone puzzle in itself, Did you have to discover the secrets of her own. Resident Evil: Revelations continues to follow the structure of Resident Evil 4, only with restricted areas and backtracking, which makes even Halo jealous.

It is good to excellent self-contained sections. So I was looking forward to every visit to the ballroom, which is the only space has really gigantic proportions. The pattern on the railings, the opulent doors with ship wheels and huge pendulum clocks prove in connection with probably the best piece of music in the game that there was really creative potential. There are other examples of this, but it runs in between too often by the same bare corridors, which account for over half of the entire map. Creative puzzle missing as well. Instead, in almost every chapter is a short mini-game in which you must unravel a tangle with the same tactics. Not more than a bad professor Layton rip-off .. in a loop

Magnum or shotgun?

The fighting in Revelations also remember to add the fifth part more and have little in common with the original series, and I agree with this decision, however, clear. Very interesting is the development of your weapons. Instead of an inventory of all objects to share, you are allowed to be worn in three different weapons. Other things such as herbs or items for puzzles automatically end up in a separate bag. Distributed to all cases their equipment changes or improves your lead syringes with small upgrades that can replace it as required. Missed your Magnum more damage or increase the chance of a critical hit. It shapes the tactical choices considerably, and since you never know what awaits you in the next chapter, you need to consider carefully.

Resident Evil Revelations Shotgun

On the gameplay itself was a little screwed as opposed to the original. Since the areas are now smaller, you can you move while aiming to at least gain some space. Instead of zombies waiting for you slimy monster that occur in different forms and have to adapt to their different abilities you your behavior. Shoots to certain zones to paralyze them or do more damage. Subsequent iterations even hold shields in front of him or put a kind chainsaw.

Only one thing bothers me beastly. Each enemy sucks balls and scary to large quantities because of the slimy body you get no good feedback for your attacks. Sometimes I wondered if I ever wreaked damage because usually only follow Headshots reactions. As a result, many fights take longer than they should, especially in the boss battles, there is some boredom, after you have found the right tactics. It seems to me as if it is used with intention to keep your ammunition is always low, which would have required additional shots with better balancing works even without a century. As previously indicated.

Resident Evil Revelations

So you still always carries enough fire to lead you, you studied the spaces from the Genesis. By pressing a button, the camera-like device brings you out anytime, anywhere is so hidden ammunition. So that their enemies can also analyze, but this does not get information, but only a green herb, as soon as the bar fills completely at the top. A nice system, but scanning the opponent is not really necessary because you usually have enough herbs and a maximum of only five Dared wear anyway.

Nevertheless, you die faster than you would like. Even with five herbs in a backpack you can not protect you against attacks that kill you with one blow. A newly introduced enemy in this edition has just such an attack, and no alternative. A sprint feature does not exist and the alternative role from Resident Evil 6 you seek in vain among the key combinations. For this, you can perform a quick lunge, if you react in time before the attack. Great idea, only if they had previously also designed to test. Every second attack seems to have a different time frame and especially in attacks that kill you with one blow, it beats most successful or not seems to work. At one point, I'm just escape the new opponent, because he was stuck on an invisible wall and I could take rest his weak point to target.

Revelations on the 3DS saw more than just stunning in her astounded off the creative spaces only undetaillierte muddy textures and character models. In view of the template but is an acceptable implementation. More than just the essentials, however, did not you. Do you have a choice, engages in any case for the console version, as the PC version suffers with me, and on many other devices with distinct jerkiness. Although it never came to crash, but the Steam forum also reported here on frequent failures. Keep your controllers as well prepared as the control via mouse and keyboard is currently unbearable by the mouse acceleration.

The knight in shining armor

Looks so far not so rosy for the game. But wait! Rescue follows in the form of the revised Raid mode. A wonderful fusion of Mercenaries and role-playing elements that belong to the real changes in this edition. Have you finished the main adventure, you are 21 levels in three different difficulty levels to choose from, you send by shorter sections of the campaign and where it is teeming with monsters.

Resident Evil Revelations Characters

Suddenly many decisions from the main game make sense. Monsters have a life bar and spray colorful numbers as soon as you meet them. Weapons feel incredibly powerful, and thus there is no better feeling than a giant beast to blow a load of buckshot in the face, only to be rewarded with an explosion of red numbers. It sounds like a minimal change, but the difference in the final effect is amazing. In addition, the title creates a random other classes and state changes, which can even standard enemies appear in a new look. And even mini-boss versions exist of each enemy.

Between rounds you are looking for in the shop for new weapons, upgrades or grenades and then adjusts your character, almost ten of which you can unlock additional costumes. The selection of shootas expands after each level rise and even rare guns with special skills waiting in the sections that always inviting you with better ratings on a new round. Be it alone or with a friend. Even my sample tests with unknown players ran smoothly without understanding on the stage.

I'm excited! Dispensed the next time to create completely on the action and puts your entire ideas only in raid mode other variants as well as maps. Then you also have less problems with the fact that the adventure lacks a clear vision. There are found in the core good ideas that were not specifically persecuted and gradually fade with other fun stuff. Let me explore the area in the campaign alone. I will scour the corridors and rooms themselves for new opportunities to the network expands gradually. Here to rush me to the entrance without a break from one corner to the next, without leaving me a choice. It feels like a linear adventure that pressed into a pseudo-upper world, to make it seem a little like old episodes. Fortunately, the raid mode the erroneous concept draws from the bottom again and is the real reason to buy, especially the one with a friend of my personal highlights this year.

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