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Resident Evil Revelations - Demo now available

In a new gameplay video for the survival horror title "Resident Evil: Revelations" the most important features will be presented in more detail. In addition to the campaign and the Raid Mode, among other things, different opponents, rewards and new costumes for Jill, Chris and Keith are presented.

Resident Evil Revelations

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"Revelations" is concerned with the events that have occurred between "Resident Evil 4" and "Resident Evil 5", and reveals the truth about the T-Abyss virus. The players take it in the role of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, as well as their respective BSAA partner Park Luciani and Jessica Sherawat.

Resident Evil Revelations

This country is "Resident Evil: Revelations" on 24 May appear among other things for the PlayStation third

Watch The Resident Evil Revelations Demo

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