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PlayStation 4 - Sony also had a solution for used games and now it waived?

Supposedly Sony had the PlayStation 4 also a working solution used games in stock. After a long time could not decide whether you actually use this, Microsoft's PR disaster with the Xbox one has led to a decision to the contrary, the unconfirmed information.

The first reactions to the Xbox One Microsoft has certainly presented quite differently. Especially with respect to the handle of the hand matches one of the group had put a lot of criticism. Geoff Keighley of GameTrailers has hinted in recent Bonus Round that Sony in this regard should not be regarded as the shining knight, as it has similar things with used games ago. He is surprised that the publishers have not yet told their opinion. Geoff Keighley also does not believe that the publisher will not tolerate the lack of such measure used in a system, while the opponent is betting.

The well-informed in the past NeoGAF user "FamousMortimer" confirmed that Sony had a used game solution, but after the PR nightmare of Microsoft in the last week, the Japanese have apparently decided against it, while already discussed for months so that has. But officially it is not clear what Sony will do with the PlayStation fourth Recently it was said that the PS4 going hand games, but that makes the Xbox one, in principle, too. It was also said that Sony is left to the choice of publishers. And in principle is also established not exactly what Microsoft really wants.

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