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Playstation 4 is definitely coming this year - but where?

While an official announcement of the release date of the Sony PlayStation 4 still pending, is a new advertising campaign some hints. Definite is not expected until at E3.

Sony is gradually becoming more active with promotions around its next-gen console PlayStation 4 In shops in Europe were spotted cardboard cutout, first ads appeared in the British print media, and on the 25th at the UEFA Champions League Final in London May, emblazoned conspicuously on the boards: "PS4 coming in 2013." An official statement from the manufacturer continues, but one can assume that the new console from the beginning will come in Japan and America on the market. The concentration of the recent promotional activities on the UK suggests that the PlayStation 4 will arrive on the island this year in stores.

Upon request, the video game website Joystiq, a Sony spokesman said that the company is in the exhibition Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) on 11 to 13 June will be held in Los Angeles, will give new information on PlayStation.

Playstation 4

Playstation 4

PS4 Price: How much does the PlayStation 4?

How much is the PS4? Although Sony has not said a word to the Playstation 4, employs many of the potential price of the new console. Finally, her predecessor was not exactly cheap at the market. The question can not be answered concretely also present, but of course you can summarize a few thoughts on this subject.

In addition to the question of when the Playstation 4 is coming, there is also the other important question: What does the PS4? This one can say little concrete at the current time, because of course to meet for Sony covered. However, leave some thoughts on this issue queue. We remember the launch of the Playstation 3, which took place well after the Xbox 360 and the console was still significantly more expensive - with the same gaming performance. However, Sony had a unique feature: Blu-ray. In retrospect, one can say that Blu-ray console has given important sales because stand-alone players in 2006 were still expensive and the few euros more for the PS3 then were often still in there.

Playstation 4

PS4 Price: What price should start to count?

600 EUR called Sony for the Playstation 3 on the European market, 200 more than the Xbox 360 sold already on the market We do not believe that the Playstation 4 will be equally expensive. Rather, it will be better focused on the Xbox 720, because it is reasonable to assume that the unique feature of Blu-ray drops and Microsoft finally follow suit. In terms of performance, both models will differ with high probability once again very little, probably because both rely on GPUs and AMD differ at most in the processors. Especially developers repeatedly criticized the elaborate optimization of games on Cell / RSX. Sony will come around here. It is about other ways to diversify and that will probably take place at the accessories. Depending on how quickly you get the new consoles actually be around 400 euros are probably due to the so-called "early adopters". The price can be derived from the fact that Blu-ray drives are much cheaper and the cost of manufacturing chips as they are used there presumably, have fallen significantly for a.

Playstation 4

PS4 Price: What versions can be expected?

Conceivable would be an even lower introductory price, but both manufacturers will do their utmost to keep the subsidies in the frame. Anyone dealing with the theme knows that console manufacturers have to subsidize the hardware usually at the start and then recoup the profits on accessories and licensing costs for games again. It is also known that the Sony Playstation 3 had to subsidize very high at the start. This will be the Japanese do a second time. As with the current generations, it will probably offer two or more models to allow for lower prices. About by a smaller hard drive or missing accessories. But is extremely important to be the price of the competitor and its launch date. Current speculation is that the PS4 is still Christmas in 2013 , while the Xbox 720 will not appear until the first quarter of 2014. That would give Sony leeway before adjusting the price of the Xbox 720 to be competitive. It is currently assumed that Sony can not be too long as the Playstation 3 and Microsoft is actively under pressure.

PS4 Price: What hardware plugged in it at all?

The Sony PS3 still works with an IBM Cell processor, reports suggest, however, that Sony will use in the next Playstation an AMD CPU. The PS4 from Sony is supposed to use the "Steamroller" CPU architecture from AMD. However, it is not clear whether they will use the same integrated iGPU. On the PS4 but a dedicated graphics solution to be installed additionally. It is conceivable that Sony uses a version of AMD's 2013 incoming Kaveri (Steamroller, so Gen3 Bulldozer cores and a GCN GPU combined into one SoC). As an additional graphics card, a product based on the Radeon HD 78x0 family (Pitcairn) is expected to bring the console to the Graphics Core Next architecture from the PC.

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