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Playstation 4: According to insiders in Europe or 2013

For the release of the new Xbox Insiders expect an aggressive strategy of Microsoft in the battle for the market in Europe. But Sony is prepared to try and do everything possible to make that there will be no delay in the publication of the Playstation 4 in Europe. Thus, the PS4 will appear later this year with us.

Later this year, Sony's new Playstation 4 will appear. However, many European fans feared that the console as its predecessor released in Europe only with a significant delay. As the English-language website reported, but an insider from Sony has told the editors reiterated that Europe enjoys a much higher priority. So you've learned from the mistakes that were made in the publication of the PS3, which led to a huge advantage for the Xbox 360, especially in the United States and Britain.

Also for the new Xbox an aggressive strategy by Microsoft for Europe is expected, so Sony wants because in no case be left behind with the Playstation fourth For the current generation of consoles, Microsoft has sold in the UK in the lead, where eight million Xbox could be sold 360th Sony only brought in the United Kingdom only five million Playstation 3 at the man in other parts of Europe, however, the situation for the Japanese company look much better.

In preparation for the increased effort by Microsoft in the battle for supremacy in Europe, Sony is "prepared to do everything that is necessary" so that there are no delays in the PS4 in Europe will be, affirmed the insider told CVG. It is speculated that Sony might even neglect the safe home market in Japan, initially to support the business in the U.S. and Europe. All the latest news about the Playstation 4 will get you on our topic page.

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