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Neverwinter: The job system is explained

The MMORPG Neverwinter is 30 Starting in May 2013, the open beta. At this time you will be allowed to try out the professional system.


The online role-playing game Neverwinter is 30 April 2013 for all players start in the Open Beta. Therefore, the aim is to introduce the game to us piece by piece. Today one must read through a new blog entry to the profession system, which has a lot of information in stock. There you will find all the important information on the subject: "Neverwinter equipment and objects play an important role in the development of your character and its effectiveness in the fight, it offer you many options to find on your adventure through the lands of new and more powerful equipment. how the loot from monsters, dungeons and rewards from top offers at the auction house. Another very fun and exciting way to get new items, located in the professions. "


"Professions allow you to Neverwinter produce some of the best equipment and items in the game itself. Soon as the open beta begins on April 30, you can look in the five occupations romp, divided into management, chain forging, plate forging, leather and tailoring are. They give you the fight that special something or fill in your purse, if you do auctions at the auction house. guide provides you coins, items, experience points, and much more. The other professions, however, reward you with excellent equipment of your choice, "is it in the official blog .

Neverwinter: Exploit the Foundry editor ensured to fast level rises

For the "Neverwinter" offered Foundry editor brought with it an exploit that allowed the players to quickly rise through the ranks. A patch made for assistance.


The online role-playing game "Neverwinter" went on 30 May 2013 in the open beta phase. Participants including the ability to access the so-called Foundry editor. This component allows players to create very own challenges that can also be used by other participants.

However, it had the developer Cryptic failed to limit the number of opponents, so it was allowing players to stuff the created levels with numerous adversaries. Of course, not entirely altruistic. By the low-tide lines of the enemy grew faster than expected through the ranks.

The gap but was temporarily closed , as it is called. Thanks to a patch, the number of experience points to erspielenden was limited. In addition, players have the kind XP Collector Level brought into circulation, excluded from the use of the editor first.

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