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Google celebrates Atari Breakout

The ladies and gentlemen of Google seem to always have a fun. The company regularly pays relevant historical events with funny little pictures and Easter Eggs tribute. This time does the IT giant in 1976 published video game classic "Breakout". The title, originally developed by Atari today celebrates his 37th Birthday. Reason enough for Google to hide, his own version of the ball game in our own search engine. Looking to date on the American Google image search for the terms "Atari Breakout", the game from the search results sets together.

Atari Breakout

Atari's classic is celebrating its 37th birthday, so it is a year older than me limp. Also interesting is the history of the game, because none other than Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs were still at Atari and distinguished largely responsible for this classic. said : "The first Atari Breakout game was like many early video games have no real computer game, since it was not around a computer with it running program, but a the gameplay direct conversion electronic circuitry. This electronic game designed by Steve Wozniak while the game design by Nolan Bushnell came.

Nolan Bushnell recorded the gameplay on a blackboard. Steve Jobs, who was working at Atari, persuaded his friend Steve Wozniak (then at HP) to design this game. Steve Jobs was paid $ 5,000 for the game Breakout by Nolan Bushnell. ". Oh yes - the Easter Egg. Search Atari breakout and then switch to the images results . Merry burn time!

Atari Breakout
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By the way, who wants to play the fun on the PC, which is to my knowledge in the free version of DX over its fulfillment.

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