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Bioshock Infinite complete solution with all localities Voxophone, telescopes and artistic form

In our Bioshock Infinite walkthrough we guide you through the cloud city of Columbia. In addition to helpful tips and tricks to keep our solution Bioshock Infinite also the places where all Voxophone (audio logs), telescopes and artistic form ready for you. How do you survive the various boss fights, learn it in our solution, of course, also.

Bioshock Infinite Walkthrough: This is the year in 1912. Chaos reigns in the flying city of Columbia. There is no open conflict, at least not yet. Revolution is in the air and as Booker DeWitt, we are in the middle between them. What exactly happens on the narrative level, we're not telling you. In the world of Bioshock Infinite over 100 different Gegenst├Ąde are found, each remove the story all the more. To waive the audio logs would mean that their integral elements let you escape. With the contents of our Bioshock Infinite walkthrough you have the perfect overview of all hidden objects in the respective chapters.

There is for the collection of 80 Voxophone and for the acquisition of the 37 telescopes and artistic form each an achievement or a trophy. Voxophone are audio recordings, often find in homes and buildings. There are a variety of Kinetoskopen that can still only play 30 videos. The rarest are the remaining seven telescopes, which are also necessary for the achievement. Furthermore, you have to watch out for hidden objects that are saved only through a checkpoint. Launches her new checkpoint, the respective Voxophon, Kinetoscope or telescope must be collected again. In the first chapter, the lighthouse, there is not much to do, so we jump right into the second chapter, the Welcome Center.

Bioshock Infinite Walkthrough: Welcome Center

After the passage of the lighthouse the real adventure begins only really. Voxophone are usually hidden away from the primary target. Before you approach the crowd, you first need to go to church. Imagine. Directly in front of the altar, and then put yourself out there to the right of Before you place the candles on the podium for the very first Voxophon. Generally you go in the search as follows: Gets the upper arrow button on the D-pad on the marker. Then you walk in any direction other than this and usually find several hidden resources.

After the cutscene you find yourself already in the city proper. There you look the same as the first Hudson's boutique for clothing. Inside there is a bar next to the Save Voxophon together. In the same building you will also equal the very first Kinetoscope. Incidentally, you should take the opportunity to collect any money for later. Outside you see a market and a shop with the big words "Grocery". Here also is nothing short of a poster of the false prophet to the next Kinetoscope.

Will now close after the business for garden products. You can make it up easily because the store has are some red and white striped umbrellas at the entrance. In the garden there is a chair next to the table. On this shady spot, there is the third Voxophon. Once you have received the message, you look to the left and used the first telescope. At the fair you look at the right gate at the entrance. There is another Kinetoscope. It is recommended here three times to complete all three carnival games in a row and to be happy about the money in your wallet.

The tutorial slowly approaches to an end, and on the promenade you will find the winged angel statue. On foot you can find another Voxophon. You can further explore their surroundings and enjoy, but you have already collected all the important objects in principle. Then run to the mark and thus ends the tutorial.

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