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Batman: Arkham Origins - Info about story, features and enemies

Even before the release of the action game Batman: Arkham Origins explains its development studio, which features there will not be, and reveals the first details about the story and Deathstroke.

Batman Arkham Origins

In an interview with UK gaming magazine Gamesmaster the development studio Warner Bros. Games Montreal told of some new features and elements that make it not the final action game Batman: Arkham Origins will create.

Batman Arkham Origins

Thus, for example, the development team have been thinking about a "storm-indicator" which would have made it Batman, to draw from snowstorms tactical advantages. For the setting would have been quite appropriate, since it draws Batman Arkham Origins through the bitterly cold night on Christmas Eve. Because of this feature, in the opinion of the developer but could impede the flow of play in the fight, it was decided ultimately against the indicator.

Batman Arkham Origins

In addition, there had been plans for a robotic drone, the Predator Batman should follow during the missions known from the predecessors. This feature also emphasized the developer, because it would take the player the ability to cope with the orders in his own way and whites.

Batman Arkham Origins

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According to the interview, the upcoming series part is exactly like Arkham City play. In addition, the detective mode will become obsolete and introduced a new skill tree for the special devices on a suit of Batman.

Moreover, said Warner Bros. Games Montreal that one in the game so far - will see coolest version of Deathstroke - at least according to developers. He is supposed to represent a "wonderful counterpart to Batman". Although the studio has been retained with information about the story, the team also revealed in an interview that Batman and Captain Gordon will encounter in the course of Arkham Origins for the first time.
Batman: Arkham Origins released on 25 October 2013 for the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, PS Vita and 3DS. Unlike Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City is developed by Rocksteady not the title game, but by Warner Bros. Games Montreal.

Official Teaser Trailer - Batman: Arkham Origins

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