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Dead Iceland: Riptide (X360)

Dead Iceland: Riptide in the test - lovers of tropical Zombiekalypse get their costs, all others are rotting from boredom rather

As not even two years ago, the tropical island of Banoi has been the scene of a relentless zombie apocalypse, developer Techland could celebrate an incredible surprise success. Millions of Dead Iceland was the first offshoot on the counter and brought us today thanks to the cash-sounding offshoot Riptide. Tropical setting, massive zombies in paradise and again the typical gameplay of its predecessor. Solid but unfortunately naughty recycling at full price!

Dead Iceland at the time was certainly not perfect, but said the title, seen in the sales figures, after all the masses. Certainly, apart from the Gore-factor in the setting to see a reason. Kidnapped in a tropical getaway enchanted mixture of snow-white beaches, Luxury Hotels and evergreen lush rainforest the visitor, while the pearl of the oceanic archipelago was a dark age over and was overrun in just a few moments in the best 80s style of zombies. Survival horror but plays differently because Dead Iceland was neither oppressive nor really demanding. The gameplay took you thanks to cooperative multiplayer mode rather in an entertaining fight for survival with flogging deposits. At first glance resembles Dead Iceland a first-person shooter, but the use of excess force occurs from the beginning in the background. Main tools of the actors are different beating, swords and baseball bats that are pimped to the bench with barbed wire, nails and stun guns. Thus equipped, the four main characters survived the cruel Hell in the lush paradise of Banoi.

Barely escaped this horror scenario stranded same quartet consisting of Purna, a former police officer, former football star Logan, rapper Sam B and Xian Mei sassy petite but rather on the next island called Palani. The only new addition: The tough soldier John. From this point on the amazing déjà vu experience for all players who walked at that time already in paradise begins. Because Riptide resembles not only acoustically and visually except for slight graphical improvements in detail its predecessor, also playing a really brazen copy of the original is served. Lanky as ever one goes to the first base, slaughters with a few blows of the first zombies down and faces the same struggle for survival once again exposed. Keep a few survivors barricaded the position and hope for rescue, while the rumor of a nuclear annihilation of the archipelago makes the rounds. In the defense of such camps encountered recently on zombie waves, similar to the Gears of War Horde mode needs to be done - one of the few fun new features of Riptide ! But the story ripples with weak dialogues and therefore celebrated usual topics between intrigue and Industry error, like so many zombie apocalypses before. Quite frankly, neither the history nor the chatter of the survivors is the motivation to really fight through the thicket and play the hero. Also, a total of 80 missions ranging only barely above the level of "bring me this" and "liberate those" out. Riptide offers even more mindless pabulum without narrative or playful Draft.

The playground for Zombie Slayer kidnapped in the lush jungle and a tropical metropolis and thus is also like its predecessor from Techland. Amazingly, there are small differences. Had the holiday paradise of Banoi thanks touristy castles bed rather flooded, Palani makes bush huts and campsites for a much more natural feel. In contrast, the dark city of the first island a charming Mediterranean-inspired metropolis had to go. This difference except farblicher such aspects should be considered rather than marginal, and only the everlasting monsoon actually provides for significant changes in the game system. The island is partly under water. Whole villages and tourist facilities are flooded and sometimes you come by boat through the evergreen hell. Whether on the few remaining gravel roads by car or on the water, playfully, the difference of the means is still a minor matter. Visually, however annoying is the exchange between sunshine and clouds break with downpour, which takes place as sometimes triggered by light switches.

With such and many other technical faults, one actually has at Riptide Vorlieb take, although the developers to deliver a copy of the original and thus had plenty of time to work on the actual code. The rotting people, for example, is often already released back into the world of the living, once you are 50 to 100 meters away from the scene of carnage. It is not unusual, therefore, that the beasts a fall in the back, because supposedly cleaned withdrawal points are already repopulated. Convenient for all collectors: Even suitcases, boxes, shelves and bins are filled up pretty fast again from the game and you can Cash, also find all sorts of odds and ends for the workbench and numerous weapons again. Speaking of zombies! You often hear about their roar around him, pawing and snorting due to the Dolby Digital system show up, sometimes they like to do, but suddenly out of nowhere, right in front of the nose. A pure shock, clearly, the developers do not even have a chance to see what wants to be seen. In a similar category are problems with the video sequences. Sometimes there is already in talks peace, joy and coffee wreath mood while you perceive not wild fray from the previous battle in the background. These are only selected from innumerable technical errors that we noticed, but that would really be avoided!

Dead Iceland: Riptide - Conclusion

Regarding the characters and the combat system has also been limited. Remains similar to Dead Iceland rather a Hack'n Slay as a shooter, because the focus is on melee combat. It is likely to take any plank, the baseball bat or the meat knife from the kitchen, this equipment pimps still relish on to the bench with nasty Tools and then plowed the stupid Klongegner. Who already in Dead Iceland went to work, knows the right lush repertoire of different weapons, which was only slightly enhanced. Similar to the weapons and all the abominations of the recycling debut on Palani pounce and same tactics also lead back to the expected success. If not, you dive again anyway for a low $ loss on close and can take previous work unabashedly process again. Small side note: Techland surprised again with reanimated zombies spawn in as to which one must take care now!

Really challenging the combat system is still not, but chop off arms and heads for the beasts and also to collect bonus points, but it may well make mood. The quintet gathered by experience, which can be plugged into (almost completely known) abilities. The RPG elements are nice, also offer the advantage of one or the other, but unfortunately most of it evaporates in the resistance of the beasts. Brain or not, the zombies seem to learn and get on with the player in the level. Never, therefore, provides a satisfactory superiority over the brainless people, and thus the import of the character will be from the first part quite well thought out. It's just so annoying, since numerous orders rush us over and over again through the same areas again and again and you have to take apart the rotten people - mostly because the same piece by piece for a large crowd, the soloist is usually then too weak!

This inevitably leads to the co-operative multiplayer, the showpiece of Dead Iceland Riptide . Up to four Survivor can always pull together and play online together against the zombie craze. The battles against bosses or even the new super zombie of dead zones common to feel not quite so unfair and you can even proceed with some tactics against the beasts. The different complementary skills and still find it a much easier to clean of zombies flooded areas. Alone is often already have the smallest brain eaters "ampoules" not to be surrounded by ravenous beasts and killed in seconds. Conveniently, the game progress each participant is credited want to say that jointly completed missions are also added their own game. The game structure is simple: right edge of the image is always displayed when a other player stays in the same area and a button to play both courses can be connected immediately. Unfortunately, the technology gets in the co-op mode but more than ever to falter, because at least with other participants gets the happening quite often stalled. During stoppages are indeed annoying but still to bear, it is inexcusable that Riptide sometimes bogged down in the code and forces us to reboot the game!

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