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Capcom: profit expectations and forecasts for Resident Evil 6 and Devil May Cry lowered

Capcom had to revise its forecasts for the last financial year. The expected profit was halved, while probably also the expected sales of some games could not be reached.

Devil My Cry

The Japanese game developers Capcom had become the profit forecast for the fiscal year 2012 (01/04/12 - 31/03/13) downward revision. After the company went out of it so far, to generate the equivalent of 50.6 million euro profit is to be expected according to the latest forecast with a profit of 22.5 million euros. For the loss of revenue, among other restructuring measures are blamed .

At the same time Capcom announced that the development of some games was stopped. With this step, the Japanese company responded to the drop in profits. What games have been shelved, but is not known. It merely states that it is projects that were in progress overseas. This did not fit the current strategy of the company and already Capcom was not happy with the quality of the outsourced projects. The quality of products is to be raised at a expansion of internal development again.

In the course of the current financial report Capcom went into the projected sales figures for the game "Resident Evil 6" and "DmC Devil May Cry". According to initial plans, "Resident Evil 6" should seven million times wander over the counters. And after this prediction was revised in December 2012 to five million copies, Capcom is now available from 4.9 million units, which were handed over to the players during the last financial year.

Also the Verkaufsprgnose for the sale of "Devil May Cry" has been corrected. Originally from a paragraph in the amount of two million copies, the speech in December 2012, the correction was followed by 1.2 million sales. Meanwhile, Capcom goes out of 1.15 million units. The final results will follow at 8 May 2013.

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