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Battlefield 3 - emptiness inside the suit

"Battlefield 3" is the last great provisionally glossy shooter studio Crytek of Germany, a multi-million euro production. Technically and graphically the game like its predecessor is above suspicion. The problem lies elsewhere.

"Oh my God, they want to destroy New York. Shot. Orbitals. Destruction." If one wanted the story of "Battlefield 3" summarize, this quote is enough. Below doomsday and alien as it gets in this first person shooter. Again. But actually that's beside the point. In "Battlefield 3" is about, as in the previous versions, mainly a suit, a suit that crammed with technology. Inside is a prophet called man, the New York before - you guessed it - to preserve total orbital destruction. He will quite often call "Shit," said the alien boss that he, Prophet, much stronger than the tentacle creatures from the wormhole and defeat him in the end probably. I gave up just before the end. It did not make me more interested in how it goes with the prophet and his world.

It is all so beautiful to be: The Frankfurt developer Crytek has created a vision of a destroyed New York, which is technically and graphically beyond all doubt. Houses that seem almost organically grown with trees, destroyed areas that have become parks and wide meadows and water landscapes, from which protrude ruins. The remains of the Brooklyn Bridge or the Columbus Circle recall the New York of today. Rich in detail and acting almost alive. Why you ask again and again why no one has actually found at Crytek, who wanted to give the same effort in history as the art.

Since there is an oppressive group, the same holds with the help of Alien Energy New York alive and oppressed. There is a resistance movement and then there are the aliens. And none of these fractions is also only hinted original or even equipped with interesting characters.

How nice it would be to really want something here

So I walk through the ruins of New York, stand still again and admire the view. Shoot aliens and mercenaries, make me invincible or invisible using the combat suit and master the use of the bow always better. Sneak up on enemies and kill them in an ambush. I try to imagine how great it would be to have an actual job here, really wanting something here. And not only the emptiness inside the suit to play.

The Frankfurt-based company Crytek today , which is responsible for "Battlefield 3" and its predecessor versions, for the time being no further glossy shooter of this type produce more - but not from doubts about the genre or even a lack of success. On the contrary - "Crysis 2" even won the German Computer Game Award , the first two titles of the series sold together many million times the three Yerli brothers who founded the company and guide who want to continue but in a different, more on social together of Facebook-oriented game mechanics set . Your platform Warface players will join in a kind of shooter network with each other - and first of all be completely free of charge.

The others say: Technically and visually, most critics agree: There are few games that can compete with "Battlefield 3". But is criticized by many of the unimaginative gameplay, which is not always successful artificial intelligence opponents and a boring story.

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