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Dead Space 3 In The Preview - The horror is back!

Ice planet, co-op, plenty of shooting action. Is this still Dead Space? In our preview we say: Well, if!

Dead Space 3

He was loud, the outcry from the community, as the development studio Visceral Games first moving images from the early summer of Dead Space 3 has shown. Since no more horror would be felt, and in general the game would look more like a vile Lost Planet clone with Gears of War deposits. purpose, the fear came on, the new co-op mode would be the already high action portion of Dead Space 3 lift again. Is that really so? We have taken the horror shooter times more closely, to cover the new features, go to story and characters and check whether Dead Space 3 perhaps a true Dead Space is.

Horror without spaceship

It all starts with Isaac Clark, the hero of the previous two, and as he crashes his spaceship on the ice planet Tau Volantis. Explosions rock environment, dense smoke billowing everywhere. Isaac coughing crawls from the destroyed cockpit, activated his suit and begins to trudge through the snow storm.

Dead Space 3

He calls for his girlfriend Ellie, but in response he receives only the deafening howl of the wind. »Insulation works not only on board a spaceship," said Steve Papoutsis from Visceral. And he's right. To sway all alone by the seemingly impenetrable snow and not knowing whether the next step is perhaps the last, produced a similarly oppressive feeling like once aboard the USS Ishimura.

Dead Space 3

This does not mean that we constantly fight us in Dead Space 3 through the inhospitable icy landscape of Tau Volantis. Isaac soon reached a bunker, and they promptly got us back, the claustrophobic darkness and confinement, as we know from the first two parts and love. The plasma cutter at the ready, we creep along the dark corridors, listening to even the soft sound - and feel immediately like "at home".

Alone or in pairs

How it works at least the solo version of Dead Space 3 Alternatively, however, we can tackle the campaign with a friend. Then Isaac Clarke accompanied by Sergeant John Carver, and the two jointly explore the origins of the so-called markers, alien artifacts on the whole mess around the undead Necromorphs debt.

Dead Space 3

The secret: Whether we are sitting alone or in pairs on the gamepad, although we see the same story, but this is told in the other cutscenes. Unlike in Resident Evil 5 is not the way our comrade taken over by the AI, the dude should just have no time to play. Instead, Isaac makes all alone on the road.

Dead Space 3

We think of two reasons great. Firstly, a computer controlled colleague would have cost a lot of atmosphere and tension. On the other offers Dead Space 3 as two different gaming experiences in one: The one-man-alone-in-the-dark horror, for we love Dead Space, and the comforting Together-shudder, also likely to increase the replay value of the campaign. However, we sincerely hope that Visceral omitted Jump-in function that allows us to co-op game at any time on or get off. Because that would destroy the continuity of the plot.

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