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Saints Row The Third

Saints Row The Third - The Complete package appears loud THQ now around 10 days later. Ensure us a launch trailer is presented wäherend Volition makes us a little gift.

Saints Row The Third - The complete package would have for the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 and the PC on 6 November 2012 to appear, but as THQ has now confirmed, we need to 16th Wait November 2012 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For this you get the full version of the next three mission-DLC "Genkibowl VII", "Gangsters in Space" and "The Trouble with the Clones." In addition, however, are more than 30 objects with more DLC on the disk included. Players are looking forward to, among other things, the content from the Shark Attack Pack, the Witches & Wieners pack, the Special Operations Pack or the Genki Girl Vehicle Pack.

And to celebrate the imminent release, we also see a usual crazy and rapid launch trailer for Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package. Volition gives us time to All Saints also new ingame clothes with Saints Row: The Third is compatible and also the complete package. This gives the new clothes directly in the famous "Let's Pretend" stores in the game. The collection includes the "Members of the Row"-shirt, the "3rd Street" hoodie, the "His and Hers" Free-Throw Basketball Jersey and the Antennenhut.

Saints Row The Third Test In - Class Idiotic Humor, Gags But Moderate Extent And Monotonous Shootouts

Saints Row The Third is the almost anarchic half-brother of the Grand Theft Auto series. The game comes with bescheuertem humor, numerous flat jokes and entertaining missions. But what about the actual gameplay essences? PC Games test explains. Update: Now with video test in Saints Row.

Saints Row The Third is the action-adventure series faithful, but is even more extreme than his predecessors. Saints Row often regarded as rather needy version of GTA, but it will finally be concluded. Sex, violence, coarse humor - so that Volition will stand out from the Rock Star Games. In PC Games test if it is established that the humor is quite successful, the development studio but for other - denied aspects - sometimes essential. In addition to the technology, it is not very convincing, especially the monotonous shoot-costing fun points. Even the insubstantial accessory does not contribute to improvement. The activities are repetitive, other ancillary tasks degenerated into nothingness because of other gameplay elements. There would have been perfectly done better.

That we liked:

Refreshing Idiotic Humor, Great Gags

Saints Row: The Third does not dwell on things with serioösen. That is already in the absurd bias clearly, because here is cursed, and gekalauert quipped. While some jokes are located below the belt and thus not necessarily for everyone, but many of the gags will bring laughter to the screen. Noteworthy in this case is the presence of (from a real, washed-up Hollywood actor embodied) mayor. A stroke of genius of the grand grotesque humor. Also great: The game and its heroes never take seriously what the nonstop freak show equal makes more likeable.

Some Very Imaginative, Entertaining Missions

Plausible or even dramatically demanding jobs? Nothing there! Saints Row: The Third will entertain - and by all means. Accordingly, the individual inserts are a true revue: running time as her toilet bowl by a cyber world, even her kidnapped priest's robe a comic book hero, sometimes you step in to a bloody wrestling battle (!). The total of 47 story missions are varied and make sure that you as a player always wants to know what is waiting for a more bizarre nonsense. Additionally, optional "activities" on the program. And these side missions are sometimes wonderfully stupid: Throw yourself in front of cars on purpose (keyword: insurance fraud) races, with a vicious tiger in the passenger seat by the open world and is aimed at a tank as much damage.

Innovative weapons and vehicles

The transition of the player resides in various domiciles. And this in turn accommodate ever an armory and a garage, the content can only be described as insane. Sure, there are shotguns, machine guns and pistols - but who wants to use even if he can instead go with squid and giant dildos on his opponents? Also, the vehicle fleet has inspired us: From sports cars to helicopters hovering motorcycles reaches the vehicle selection. Our favorite is a moving catapult, which sucks passers and out of a giant cannon spits.

Respect Motivating System

Every action, each fulfilled mission, every little unimportance increased respect your account. Who rushes for example by oncoming traffic gets correspondingly experience. With this trick, the developers ensure that the player always wants to do mischief - after all, it improves so his character level. The higher the level, the more practical upgrades can be purchased in your phone menu. More energy, more AI companion, more revenue: The unlock the bonuses motivated and proves to be playful as meaningful.

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