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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 In Test

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 lays in a duel with Fifa 13 before. Which football game brings this year's title?

In terms of graphics has been "PES 2012" not done much. Konami has filed for it vigorously on the controller. A direct hit? has tested the game.
What's new: On the square feels "PES 2013" to liquid than its predecessor. The players dissolve faster in duels, are incredibly light-footed and take the sprint right to ride. The new controller provides a noticeably more ball control. This allows you to delay the build-up play to sprint the kicker on the wings. In the storm, there are several new actions: you tunnel the goalkeeper or a nasty thunder flutter ball towards the net. Many tricks work astonishingly intuitive. Super!

Play football, as YOU want it. Depending on the game helps you switch to playing "PES 2013" very different. Tip: With a little practice makes it without a passport and shot help even more fun!

Realism: Top players behave exactly like their idols: Gomez stumble over duel and yet somehow remains on the ball, Cristiano Ronaldo is (somewhat overpowering) and a tempo Sprinter delivers shots with incredible trajectories. But like last year, the German team is undervalued. Annoying!

Football tactics in "PES" writ large. Against the ball, tiki taka, clever walkways - to rummage through without the circuitous strategy menus that make computer-kicker a good figure. This also applies to the goalkeeper, the patzten last year too often. Still unsurpassed: no goal area scene alike.

Game Modes: All the same. The two main game modes - Master League (career mode) and Champions League - presents Konami brittle as ever. In the Champions League, there is now a little role-playing: Upgrade kicker with soccer shoes and the like from the players to increase with time as their shooting technique. Online games were up to the time of this test is not yet played.

Atmosphere and presentation: stars like Ronaldo and Ozil see their idols and although similar surprise in the TV perspective with new animations. But up close, the faces of the players act like a mask rigid. The crowd at the stadium remains lifeless. Chants? Scarce. After all, the commentators now often times from appropriate sayings.

The biggest shortcoming remain missing licenses. For football fans in Germany, there are only two clubs (Bayern Munich, Schalke 04) and the national team. Dortmund is not, despite the Champions League rights represented. Altogether, there are 150 licensed teams and 17 national teams. Five leagues are fully represented: Spain, Italy, France, Holland and Brazil.

Conclusion: A worthy opponent for "Fifa 13" ! "Pro Evolution Soccer 2013" is the best "PES" for years. Who can do without the Bundesliga will have with fluent gameplay and intuitive controls its fun.

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