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Paper Mario Star Stickers In Test

Without Level Up Through New Levels

In the test to Paper Mario: Star Stickers for the Nintendo 3DS, we glue the eponymous sticker not only to saddle stitching, we applaud even our enemies around the ears.

Paper Mario: Star Sticker is compared to the previous game Super Paper Mario (Wii, 2007) take a step back, while at least two forwards. So there is finally the turn-based battles, as we know from the first two parts, and Mario's adventure takes place again in the familiar Mushroom Kingdom.

Some key conventions developers Intelligent Systems but now jettisoned. The game has in fact a world map with each of the levels, as it is known from other Mario games, but not from Paper Mario. Free-roaming cities and humorous dialogue with other characters have become much less frequent. So is this even still a role playing game, or merely a stripped down version of the Paper Mario games?

Seven Dragon Balls? No, five Royal Sticker!

The story of Paper Mario: Star Stickers, as it is often known by Nintendo, rather simple. Mario and the other inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom to meet Stickers hard in the idyllic village sticker Hoven. In this particular night would indeed appear every year a sticker comet that makes the wishes of those present will be fulfilled. And how do we know our favorite villains Bowser, wants to miss the opportunity of course not to all mushroom heads to spoil the fun. He burst onto the stage, where Princess Peach presented the sticker comets, and touched him. And promptly dismantled the desire comet into its component parts - the so-called Royal stickers that are now scattered around the world. Bowser himself wants befitting of course the crown of the kingdom and obtained by the sticker special power: It glitters and is even too much for Mario.

As if that is not enough, in the Mushroom Kingdom erupts in chaos. Clear that the yellow-green spiked turtle Mario can not let them get away with it. So he sets out with his new single and Kersti companion in search of the scattered Royal tickers to put a stop to Bowser.

The story with this cute intro, but rather weak retold and hardly driven as in previous games by responsive individuals, different villages and cutscenes. From time to time the developers scatter indeed a nice narrative sections in the level everyday, at this point we want to reveal not, but the creativity of the Peach sections from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (GameCube, 2004) they do not reach to some extent. This leaves at least the story and the narrative style on standard Mario level and does not reach the quality of the previous RPG parts.

Allowed To Stand In The Desert

Sticker-comet or not, what it is now? With all stickers are actually on Simple answer: you are Marios new attacks! You hit an enemy, the game switches to the battle screen, and you can attack every lap. This works on the said stickers that you find scattered throughout the levels everywhere in sufficient quantities.

Did you, for example, found a crack on the label, you can use it against Goombas to make Mario jump on their head. Pushes her at the right moment the A button, you can see how the other Paper Mario games amplify your attacks and block attacks. You will also find in the many levels and a lot of strange objects, such as a fan or a trumpet. Why do you need that? For the Brain! And some of which are really tricky. The objects you can namely in the village to make stickers are to them at the appropriate point in the game or be stuck in combat.

In the forest section, for example, is a sleeping Wiggler, who wants to move not go away. We can ask for a grumpy Kersti Although good advice, but that is not usually too revealing. It just means we should "Papierisieren". This is done by pressing a button on Y. The game then switches to a view in which you can attach stickers. After some pondering, we finally come up with the idea to mount the trumpet on the stump before the segment caterpillar. And makes neat noise and even the sleepiest wiggler wakes.
But this is only one example of many - and still a relatively logical to do so. Unfortunately, the game gives you, but generally very little help, and many times are you running aimlessly through the levels to find appropriate sticker to be affixed to her then suspicion at marked.

How can, for example, in the desert come out that we in the first world have to get back to there three times to jump on a well-hidden faucet so you can make this into a sticker, which can then be attached to a bucket in an oasis?

Straight from Nintendo games is it not used in the truest sense of the word so helpless "abandoned in the desert" are to be. But the boss fights are incredibly difficult without the right tactics. To find the correct sticker that inflicts enough damage, you have to die some screen death. The normal battles, although in itself not too demanding, but the inclined Rollenspielfan wonders anyway, why should we fight at all. Because Mario may indeed find scattered in the world bonuses for its life bar is experience points and level it rises no more. Even the gameplay so you have to say that Star Sticker is much less roleplaying-heavy than its predecessor.

A Serenade By Shy Guy

Are the changes in the game mechanics rather mixed nature, Intelligent Systems for the engineering done everything right. The game uses the colorful graphic style that already the first Paper Mario used for the Nintendo 64 (2000). However, the textures are now razor sharp, and the 3D effect of Nintendo 3DS creates a plastischeres gaming experience.

The character design is also typical Nintendo failed, and the characters come out of the Mushroom Kingdom. Sun met her Toads, Goombas, Cheep Cheeps, Koopas and many other creatures from the Mario universe. The companion Kersti however, is less sympathetic when it was Gumbrina and Co. from the previous titles were.

Moreover, it is not exactly polite and constantly nags at Mario around. Because you wonder sometimes why the good Mario is like the leaves! Well, however, that the days are gone when you had to leave like in Super Paper Mario with strange pixel males.

A total of five worlds await you, each with its own design and its own soundtrack. Of the "never wet desert" to "random forest" all there. The melodies of the background music always fit perfectly to the scene and provide times dreamy sounds of jazz and then Spanish flamenco riffs. Funny is that the Shy Guys play guitar in the desert and thus change the music. Technically, the title is really splendid and the home console Paper Mario in every way.

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