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NBA 2K13 Remains Unrivaled Good

There is no alternative: This year's "NBA 2K" the first (and only) choice for basketball fans. After the competitor "NBA Live 13" now but will not be released is "NBA 2k13" as the only representative of the genre. However, 2K Sports is not resting on his laurels.

Because of Electronic Arts, this year no basketball simulation is expected to rival has "NBA 2k13" easy game. But it would have been enough so the championship crown. Only the "My Career" mode titled worth the purchase and with its extremely motivating reward system anything previously seen in the shadows. But the rest has come pretty darn good.

Basketball fans to "NBA 2K12 were thrilled " to be, "NBA 2K13" love. Because even though the game was only selectively improves and expands, it makes the predecessor look old. Above all, the career mode in which the player must create it from rookie to the Hall of Fame, has it all. Whether loss of ball, foul or unsuccessful throw - any unfortunate action of the virtual protege is punished with a negative score, the player so that in the few minutes that he is on the field, do not allow any mistakes. And this is far from easy when he has to compete against grenades like LeBron James.

A Lot Of Combos

Thus it's the first year of career actually just about to make some virtual money and that invest in the improvement of the basic talents or new "Signature Skills". These are special abilities that have some impact on the whole team. Once the rolls but Karrierezug, ringing the cash register and the NBA professional can spend his money for the really important things in life - such as for clothes ...

Previously, however, one should become familiar with the revised control again. Owners of the previous model will find that is the right stick dribbling primarily and thrown only in combination with the left shoulder button on the gamepad. Who also fade aways, hop jump shots and half-spin jumpers will lie down on the polished wooden must remember a lot of combos.

But even without these subtleties requires the control for beginners some training time. Understand why the developers have given the game donated only a short tutorial control. The more space they have given Jay-Z. The rapping trades and co-owner of the Brooklyn Nets, who acts as executive producer of the title, has been immortalized not only on the cover. Even with the music selection, he played a crucial role. No wonder that the majority of the songs was written by him ...

Presents Bombastic

Nevertheless, the sound is just as grandiose as the graphics and presentation. The boundaries between TV broadcasting and video game are fluid, due not least to the commentators who make their mustard not only the moves, but to exchange information about all sorts of topics from the world of the NBA.

In addition to the career mode, the game offers posh indeed all other offline and online game modes, the wish for a fan. Ah yes, the possibility of moves to tell by voice commands via Kinect, is nothing more than a nice gag. The same holds true for celebrity heap with teen star Justin Bieber , in addition to all the current NBA teams, Dream Team and legends from different eras is available.

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