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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 With Camouflage And Undead

High-tech military hardware in the elite campaign, rusty school buses at the zombies - and a lot of multiplayer: In a presentation Treyarch has the latest developer version of Modern Warfare 2 shown.

If the content of child-protection reasons not suitable for the target group - Jay Puryear of Treyarch could easily "Wetten, dass .." at occur: "Wetten, I several times can a day to talk about an hour almost without periods and commas above Warfare 2" The Director of Brand Development had all the say in Munich at a presentation of the current version of the first person shooter much - to happiness but also to show.

About the second mission of the single player campaign, which puts the player in the jungles of Burma. More precisely, over the jungle - because at the beginning of the mission, the player hangs with another elite soldiers on a rock face, held by a nano-glove, which also provides for liability on slippery surfaces. A few dramatic rope swings later, the two then ride down the wingsuit in depth and over trees and strange rock formations.

This is followed by an attack on an enemy station, where high-tech military hardware also plays a role. Shall dispose of the enemies on - not quite obscuring - camouflage, while the player sees on the visor of his submachine gun the opponent quite well - in 2025, there is obviously an arms race in the infantry.

Graphically the whole thing, despite the fact not quite current Infinity Ward engine a surprisingly good impression - especially the representation of people and faces a noticeably better than at last year's Call of Duty. On demand Jay Puryear has said that the developers have changed besides the light and shadow effects also some details about the studio does not speak publicly.

Much of the zombie mode - now something of a hallmark of the Call of Duty games from Treyarch - based on the published for the first Black Ops Rezurrection expansion that takes place on the moon. In Modern Warfare 2, the player is on a bus en route, which runs through it, the United States and in game mode "Tranzit" to take up to four pals in the Co-op against undead hordes can. Interesting for fans rather hectic games should be "Grief" that pits three teams against each other: Two consist of up to four human players, one of up to four zombies.

Multiplayer with Bot Tutorial

Even the multiplayer mode of Modern Warfare 2 was at Jay Puryear on the agenda. He has lectured for more than the usual 55 levels and 10 prestige level, just above the 22 Scorestreaks - so the Killstreaks are now called. A special concern was the reference to the already at GDC 2012 on show in Cologne E-Sport mode, and training mode to learn in which players in different situations to deal not only with weapons and other equipment, but also an introduction to group tactics get by on about take several games across two teams, each with three human comrades and three bots.

What else is there to news in Black Ops 2, we can, according to publisher Activision even after 13 November 2012 to find out - then the title appears in unedited form for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.

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