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Mario And Luigi In The Gold Rush

This handheld adventure Super Mario Bros. 2 for Nintendo 3DS offers new extras, a teamwork mode and lots of gold. In our test, we find out if that's enough for the podium.

There are things in life that will never change. This includes the same old story of Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach. In New Super Mario Bros. 2 , the lady is kidnapped yet again - this time by the Koopalingen, Bowser's children with the slanted hairstyles. And as we already know, the rescue is a perfect job for the plumber brothers with the red and green overalls. walk on their mission and they jump back through the different landscapes that it is just such a joy. Whether in the desert, haunted house, snow and forest, the world of New Super Mario Bros. 2 is as colorful and varied as that of its predecessor. And the animations are re-exported and lovingly. Nintendo at a high-level Here wields a Koopa on the dance floor to the typical Mario sound, there the new spirit Boohemoth cautiously peeping out from under his paw spirits because he is unsure if he even looks at Mario or is already gone further.

Short Battle Deposits

As nice as the new Mario adventure is to be regarded as little playful manner it offers compared to its predecessor New Super Mario Bros. from 2006 onwards. We do what we do in a Mario title ever need to jump in and intelligently structured levels across chasms, and coin and the different heads of the Koopa Troop. But that may not even for diehard fans of the Mushroom Kingdom be enough, for New Super Mario Bros. 2 feels entirely too easy.

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