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Madden NFL 13

The football game series, which takes its name from the star-coach John Madden is going in the next season. The tactically challenging sport game is atmospherically persuasive, however, is more suited to play end, who are familiar with the complex rules and strategies of the U.S. national sport.

If twice eleven games end face on a playing field, it need not always be football. Madden NFL is a game series that since 1988 American Football on computers and consoles brings. The ultimate goal: the leather-egg must be placed through pass and run play behind the enemy lines, to score points. The opposing team will attempt to answer this with my whole body.

At the beginning, however, is the selection of an avatar . This can be selected in various ways. In addition to the current players and coaches of the NFL season, here are also veteran athletes legends to choose from. Who does not suit them, can create a unique character or by "Game Face" feature upload two photos uploaded by a virtualized version of himself into the game.

Madden NFL 13, the game ends provides several ways to experience the American Football. The heart of the game is the career mode, which puts the game ends in the role of a coach or player. The decision whether to do more the superstar career of Footballers or want to deal with as a coach training methods, contract closings and team management responsibility, in this case the game ends.

At the start of a career, the game or the end decide whether offline or online to play. The online functionality includes not only the comparison with other game ends, but also the access to career information and news via browsers and smartphones. To set up an online account (in "Origin") is necessary.

In addition to the career mode, there is the instant game in which the game options (teams, stadium, time, etc.) even be set - perfect to get to know an opposing team, to train something, or simply for a quick game in between. As well as in career mode can be selected from four levels of difficulty. A tutorial does not exist in purely English Madden NFL 13th

Madden NFL 13 offers the possibility of up to four offline or play up to 6 online game ends. As part of an online career is up to 32 playing together into larger leagues and so their team tactics and successes together measure.

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