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Lego Lord Of The Rings Video Reveals Development

Millions of blocks, no end in sight - a small but mighty trailer confirms the Lego version of the great fantasy epic.

The Lego games rely on a simple and promising video game concept: sweet and cuddly levels and characters, humorous cutscenes, and an action-packed multiplayer mode. In addition, the title achieved by the nostalgia factor and older gamers. And with "Lego Pirates of the Caribbean" were lifted out the series even at a higher quality level. now leaves a video the heart of Lego and fantasy fans: Warner Bros. casting the famous Lord-of-the-Rings saga with " Lego Lord of the Rings "finally in plastic. The teaser trailer promises the familiar ingredients - and more: the characters have learned to speak and the graphics look realistic with detailed backgrounds. A great thing, as long as the game does not thereby lose the wit and charm of Lego.

A hobbit even smaller: The characterization is as always cute.

Based on the films focus on Koop

After the speculation already been compacted , was LEGO Lord of the Rings is now officially announced by Warner Bros. and Traveler's Tales. The newest stud-adventure is based primarily on the three available movies and will also include various dialogs from just this.

Otherwise, the development team will primarily focus on the co-op. In this context, the focus is still on the specific capabilities of each playable character. In a press screening, for example, the Moria scene had been shown around the Balrog, with all nine companions should be playable.

The game will be available this fall for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo DSi, 3DS, PC and Vita. The trailer at E3 there right after this news release.

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