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How To Use The Claim Token In Technorati

After creating an account in technorati, you recieve a mail having the text following from them.
“This is an automatically-generated email. Thank you for submitting your blog claim on Technorati. Technorati will need to verify that you are an author of the site by looking for a unique code. We have just assigned the claim token FE6JNCX46FC2 to this claim. Please visit for more details, including how to use the claim token. Thank you.”

So , you back to your account page for more details on how to use the claim token – but wait, when you return to your profile there are no additional details on how to use your claim token.
So I turned to Google for “how to use technorati claim token” and found their FAQ on blog claiming (though it would have been useful to include it in the email or account section).

So the last steps are to:
  • Write a blog post (such as this) and include your 12-digit technorati claim token in the body of the post, near the beginning (hence my code at the top)
  • Return to your account page, scroll to the bottom, and click the button to “Check Claim”
You should be all set now. Not the most intriguing post, but hopefully it saves someone a bit of time and confusion down the road.

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