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FIFA 13: New Patch For PS3 And Xbox 360 For Download

Electronic Arts has released a new patch for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of FIFA 13th The update is now available via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network as a download, and according to the manufacturer fixes among other problems with invisible balls. The full changelog of the new FIFA 13 patch we hold in this release.

FIFA 13: Changelog for new patch for PS3 and Xbox 360

  • The online connection in the arena during a season game is loading.
  • The invisible ball is fixed.
  • Player names in the audio when the game is on Czech, Hungarian, Italian or Polish is played.
  • Connection problems in a team game, and in the clubs.
  • The pass response in the pass-skill challenge has been improved. The rankings in this game of skill has been reset due to a points glitch.
  • Physical problems when two players collide.
  • Vasco Da Gama and Palmeiras (Ligo Do Brasil) have authentic jerseys and club name to get.
  • Botafogo (Ligo Do Brasil) have Now authentic jerseys.
  • Visibility of the radar, the scoreboard and the ads in offline games after being made ​​a team game online.
  • Stability of FIFA Ultimate Team during single-player tournaments.
  • The game depends on no longer, if you against a Friend FUT plays.
  • Problems displaying the form in EASFC Match Day Challenges.
  • The game depends on no longer, while in Pro Clubs selects the jerseys.
  • Repetitions be stored online, not overwrite old reps more.
  • The game depends on no longer, if consecutive FIFA Points buys.
  • Bidding on items in the watch list in FIFA Ultimate Team has improved in functionality.
  • Undefined text in created players after you have downloaded team updates.
  • The right Club emblem is now displayed on the Adidas All-Star jersey.
  • Uploaded reps no longer overwrite other media when the sent Web Profile.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team items that have shown to overall statistics, instead of the statistics of the current owner.

Career Mode:

  • Stability when editing a Virtual Pro, the team was full.
  • Stability when the conferring team buying a borrowed player at the end of a season declines.
  • At 1 extended player contracts now effect take into player profiles.
  • As a manager, you can his penalty takers Set before the penalty shootout.
  • Player stories continue after a transfer / sale.
  • Stability history system of before big games.
  • Stability after the purchase of players.
  • Stability when a sale ending team refuses a transfer offer.
  • General stability in the gameplay has been improved.

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